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Take Some Of The Frights Out Of Nights Out

Take some of the frights out of nights out

You know how it is, things are going swimmingly well on your night of absolute delight, and everyone’s having a bloody good time, and then suddenly, things go pear-shaped, fast. And we get it. Sometimes, you just can’t put your finger on where things started to go wrong. Making an educated guess as to the genesis of the said problem, as someone like me who has been in this position many a time has discovered, is seemingly futile. The words ‘horse’ and ‘bolted’ spring to mind. What does make sense, is taking that bit of care beforehand, and that’s what you’ll read about as we go along, so strap right in.


  1. Who? Let’s be absolutely crystal clear about this; you need to be sure of who you include in your fun escapade. Within your friends’ circle, there will always be people who are at odds with each other, or others who simply don’t get along with the rest of the group. If you can weed these people out, then we strongly suggest that you do. And you better, because once some of them have had a drink too many, you don’t want to be the one to start putting out fires, or picking bits of glass out of faces or even pulling a stiletto out of something that it wasn’t supposed to be in.
  2. Pre-eat. Nights out can be rigorous affairs that can put you right through the ringer. Now, when coupled with some of those tasty, boozy concoctions, you won’t know what’s hit you. Therefore, we prescribe that you eat something substantial before you head out. This will ensure that you retain a fair bit of control over the evening. May we suggest some cheese to line your stomach?
  3. Pre-decide. ‘Decision making’ and ‘nights out’ are two phrases that don’t belong in the same sentence. Therefore, make sure that they don’t! Take the admin out of these fun times by planning ahead, and make sure that you stick to the plan as far as humanly possible. For instance, decide where you will be going and how long you’ll be staying out. Also, book cabs in advance, designate drivers, carry contraception, and also decide where everyone will be spending the night, and so forth. We know that it sounds like a lot, but remember this is pre-night out so it won’t kill the mood. Besides, you’d be thanking yourself the morning after for going to this pre-planning trouble.
  4. Safety first. Lest you forget, always keep someone you trust in the know of your general whereabouts. You could ensure that they call you up at regular intervals during the night, or even have them check up on you if you’re not back home when you were supposed to. Keep this person on speed dial and message them if something should go wrong.


So, there you have it – get these things sorted, and you’d be well on your way to painting the town red, or was that champagne pink?


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