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Tv Shows based on Real People

Because no one is perfect, even television shows have come to accept this

When you compare your life to the lives of your favourite characters from your favourite sitcoms, do you still feel like a failure? As far as your hair was concerned, you didn’t have the time, and your bathroom was the size of theirs. That’s all but done now. Networks all over the world are realising that people who appear happy and carefree on television aren’t real. It’s also fine to show real people on TV. At this point, you can expect to hear applause and a chorus of

People who are “too ugly to be on television,” as Joey says in FRIENDS, have come into the limelight thanks to this new era of sitcoms. We don’t celebrate’regular’ people on these shows; instead, we celebrate the unusual and accept them. Even the female characters in these gems have messed-up appearances that reflect their messed-up lives. So even if you don’t get your daily dose of eye candy, you’ll still get plenty of laughs.


Many Veep fans may have thought that the writers were exaggerating wildly for effect prior to Donald Trump becoming President-elect. Except for now. Things and people in the White House have been revealed to be as ridiculous as they appear to be. One of the film’s unique features is that you develop feelings of sympathy or even affection for nearly every character. Including Gonad.

Brooklyn 99

He said, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine has provided us with fully human characters that are beautiful, powerful; flawed; vulnerable; majestic,” Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro. And, presumably, he is well-versed in the subject matter at hand. From the moment you start watching, you’ll wish there were more seasons of this show than the five already available.

My thoughts are too complex for the English language, so I’m using emojis in my speech to express myself more clearly.” Squinty-eyed A Mother’s Love: Gina Linetti


In a show about alcoholics, of course, there are going to be flaws. Everyone in the story has some sort of flaw, and these flaws range from blatant hypocrisy to the most paranoid of madness. The show and its characters, in spite of this, are extremely likeable, and you have five seasons worth of them to look forward to.

“You’re going to love my gynaecologist,” she says. “His hands are very small,” he says. There is a Bonnie Plunkett’s


An American suburban supermarket is the setting for this quirky series filled with real-life people’s oddball personalities. Like the butch supervisor Dina, who has a zillion pet birds and serious intimacy issues, or the super-Catholic and very white store manager who is struggling to deal with changing times and a multi-ethnic workforce.. Despite the show’s lack of ‘heroes,’ each character has a heroic moment or two of their own. Almost everyone, to be fair. Mateo, we’re referring to you.

“Why do our customers always have to be so ugly?” The writer, Mateo Liwanag, says

Here are some examples of comedies where makeup isn’t used as a character and the dialogue doesn’t compete with the laughter track for attention.



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