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Take Your Manicure To The Next Level With These Trendy Nail Polish

Trendy Nail Polish

Trendy Nail Polish | Hermagic

Want to embrace the newest trends and up your nail game? Put dull fundamentals behind you! We’re exploring the world of fashionable nail paints, which can turn your fingertips into tiny canvases with their striking colours and surprising textures. Prepare to embrace your inner nail artist and find the newest cosmetics to add to your collection!

Why Shop Trendy Nail Polish from Sephora?

  • Chic & Diverse Selection

Sephora is renowned for its ability to put together a selection of fashionable nail paints. They guarantee that you will find the newest colours, finishes, and effects to fit your style thanks to their assortment of well-known brands and independent labels.

  • Superior Formulas

Sephora places a high value on quality, providing long-wearing polishes with formulas that resist chips and rich, vivid pigments. This guarantees the longest-lasting and best-looking fashionable manicure.

  • Expert Advice & Recommendations

Unsure which trendy nail polish shades to choose? The beauty consultants at Sephora are happy to assist! Taking into account your tastes and skin tone, they can provide tailored recommendations. You can also access online reviews and tutorials for additional guidance.

  • Limited-edition Collections and Exclusive Brands

All the brands that are unavailable elsewhere are frequently carried by Sephora. This enables you to choose distinctive and fashionable nail polishes that will give your nails a distinctive look.

  • Offers & Discounts

You can Shop at Sephora and earn points with the Beauty Insider Program. Points can be exchanged for exclusive offers, adding even more value to your stylish nail polish purchases.

  • Shop Online or Offline

Their website offers easy navigation and filtering options to find the perfect trendy nail polish. In-store, you can experience the colours firsthand and test them out before you buy.

Trendy Nail Polishes Available on Sephora!

  • Manucurist Green Flash Essentials Nailpolish Kit

Manucurist Green Flash Essentials Nailpolish Kit

Manucurist Green Flash Essentials Nailpolish Kit | Hermagic

With the MANUCURIST Green Flash Essentials Kit, you can rock environmentally-friendly nails and ditch the damage! The world’s first bio-sourced gel polish that peels like conventional polish is included in this creative package. Made in France with eco-friendly, pure materials, it dries in less than 30 minutes and leaves you with a stunning, long-lasting manicure (up to 10 days!). It also includes a little lamp for touch-ups while you’re out and about. Prepare for guilt-free lustre and stunning, healthy nails – all for £75 at Sephora.

  • Nailberry 12- Nail Polish Strengthen

Breathe new life into your nails with the Nailberry 12 Free Breathable Luxury Nail Polish! This 15ml bottle combines a fortifying base coat and breathable polish. It promotes healthy growth by strengthening and smoothing your nails and letting oxygen through. This polish is a welcome change for your manicure routine, all only £17.50! Buy this trendy nail polish from Sephora today.

  • Nails.INC Numbers 1 s Base and Top Coat Duo

Nails.INC Numbers 1 s Base and Top Coat Duo

Nails.INC Numbers 1 s Base and Top Coat Duo | Hermagic

Achieve salon-worthy nails at home with the Nails.INC Numbers 1s Base and Top Coat Duo! You get everything you need for a perfect, long-lasting manicure in this handy package. While the 45 Second Top Coat offers a high-gloss finish that locks in the colour of your polish and guards against chipping, the NailKale Superfood Base Coat fortifies and nourishes your nails. With this duo, you can enjoy healthy, beautiful nails and a chip-resistant manicure in no time! Get these trendy nail polishes from Sephora right away.

  • Sephora Collection Color Hit

Tired of chipped manis and limited colour options? Look no further than the Sephora Collection Colour Hit Long Lasting Nail Polish! With its bright hues, fast-drying formula, and chip-resistant finish that lasts up to five days, this little yet handy bottle packs a huge punch. At an affordable price, the simple-to-use solution provides perfect, even coverage and a glossy, mirror-like finish. With gorgeous, durable nails, you may now change up your appearance whenever you’d like! Purchase this trendy nail polish now.

  • DIOR Vernis

DIOR Vernis

DIOR Vernis | Hermagic

Dior Vernis nail polish lets you bring Dior’s iconic colours to your fingertips! Get a super shiny, chip-resistant manicure in just one coat. It comes in a wide range of shades to match any outfit and even has pampering ingredients like peony and pistachio extracts. For the full Dior experience, check out their whole nail care collection too! Get this trendy nail polish today from Sephora and let your nails shine.

Nail Art Ideas for the Season

Embrace the changing leaves and cosy vibes with these stunning fall nail art ideas!

  • Marbled Masterpieces

Channel the vibrant hues of fall foliage with a marbled leaf design. Use a mix of “Autumn Maple,” “Forest Green,” and “Harvest Gold” to create unique, earthy swirls on your nails.

  • Cosy Cashmere Nails

Recreate the warmth of your favourite sweater at your fingertips! Use a textured polish like “Cosy Cashmere” as a base and add tiny cable-knit patterns or sweater-inspired accents for a charming fall look.

  • Pumpkin Spice Delight

Celebrate the iconic flavours of fall with pumpkin spice-themed nails! Use shades like “Spiced Plum” and “Cinnamon Spice” to create fun pumpkin accents and tiny spice details for a touch of extra warmth.

  • Falling Leaf Flair

Embrace the beauty of autumn leaves with delicate falling leaf designs. Use a fine brush and a combination of “Forest Green” and “Harvest Gold” to create intricate details that capture the essence of the season.

  • Glittering Night Sky

Add a touch of glamour to your fall look with a glittering topcoat. Choose a shade with gold or bronze glitter particles to mimic the shimmering beauty of the night sky during this time of year.


Your best bet for stylish nail paint is Sephora! Explore the newest hues, textures, and effects offered by numerous companies. Their premium formulas guarantee extended wear, and their distinct collections and professional advice enable you to select the trendy nail polish to showcase your individual style. Plus, with convenient shopping options and a rewarding points program, Sephora makes staying on-trend effortless and fun! For more information, visit Hermagic.


What nail paint trend is popular right now?
Vibrant neon colours, simple nail art, and holographic finishes are all hot right now when it comes to nail polish trends, providing lots of alternatives for expressing individual flair.
Which shade is the most appealing for nail polish?
Some pe­ople love bold nail polish colours like de­ep green or rich re­d. Others prefer soft one­s like light pink or pale lavende­r. It often depends on what you like­ and the event you’re­ going to.
When did nail polish become popular?
Early in the 20th century, it gained popularity, especially in the 1920s when bright nails were seen as a sign of femininity.









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