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Career - Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Work-life-balance that well, works!

It’s one of those almost eternal conundrums, isn’t it? No, we’re not talking about one of those chicken ones! You know, the one where it crosses the road, or even the one where we wonder whether it came before the egg, or indeed not. What we are talking about is how we can juggle our work and home lives and win at both, without feeling that sickening guilt that we’re doing the other a disservice.

In this piece, we seek to provide some perspective on the subject of work-life-balance and hope to help you for solving . Now, without a moment to lose, let’s get right to it!

Seek it

Work-life-balance isn’t something they hand out at work. So, it’s right down to you to seek it, and get it sorted. Therefore, set expectations with colleagues and bosses. Just because you’re reachable at home doesn’t mean that you need to take a call or respond to an email that can wait till the morrow. So, seek it, grab it, establish it.

Talk family

We often think that bringing our family or kids into conversations detracts from our power-persona at the workplace. That, however, is quite misplaced. Instead, we suggest talking about your family at work – let the people at work know what’s going on with ‘you’ outside the office. This way, they will respect that you have a life outside work that’s worth living for. Oh, while you’re at it, encourage colleagues to follow your lead.

What time is it?

At home, it helps to have pre-set, regulated, and scheduled times which the home and office folk are well aware of. So, in this scenario, barring emergencies, your colleagues know that you are not to be disturbed. More importantly, your family knows that they have your undivided attention at these set times, making for an altogether enjoyable and immersive experience.

Me, me, me.

The eternal work-life juggle can get all too much all too often. That’s why it helps to sneak in some ‘me time’ during the week, where you can do a couple of things for yourself. Be clear about this. It isn’t a luxury. It’s quite necessary! Remember, if you’re not quite all right, ‘your world’ will come to a grinding halt.

Put your stamp on things

Listen up, don’t settle for anything preconceived or prescribed by someone else. Concocts of this nature often entail high ideals that put a strain on you and open the door to that burdensome guilt. Instead, find a work-life structure that works for you and your family. Don’t be too scared to add in your very own flourishes and identity to the mix. Always settle on something that works for you, and sits perfectly well with your conscience.

Now, we do hope this piece has given you some pause for thought. Even better, we hope it prompts you to bring in some change that will help you achieve that ‘oh so’ elusive work-life-balance, enabling you to seize the day – whether at work or at play.


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