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What do you share on social media that will become part of your legacy?

Your posts, comments, and shares on social media are part of your legacy. According to Merriam-Webster, “the rights and opportunities that women enjoy today are essentially the legacies of the early suffragists and feminists”; hence, what we do today to build a legacy can benefit future generations.

Share On Social Media- Hermagic

Share On Social Media- Hermagic

You may lay the groundwork for future generations if you use social media to establish your legacy. There are few things you can do if you want to leave a legacy and contribute to a more connected and inclusive world through your social media posts.

 What You’re Passionate About Is the Initial Step

Share On Social Media- Hermagic

Share On Social Media- Hermagic

Supporting causes that are meaningful to you is a simple approach to leave a lasting impression on social media.

Here are the some suggestions to help you get started:

Why are you concerned about these societal problems?

What challenges have you had to conquer?

You’ve travelled a great distance, but what challenges have you encountered along the way?

Who did you look up to or seek advice from while you overcome this obstacle?

Who do you look up to as an activist, role model, or mentor at work or on social media?

Using your responses to these questions, begin creating the types of social media posts and stories you intend to produce.

Determine your level of social media activity

Share On Social Media- Hermagic

Share On Social Media- Hermagic

You should avoid adding additional stress to your already demanding schedule. The good news is that you won’t need to spend hours on social media or become an online content provider or influencer in order to develop a social media legacy. Before making a decision, consider how much time you now spend on social media and how much time you wish to commit to it. Decide how much time you wish to devote to social media after determining your values. Create a strategy from there.

I recommend organising a series of interviews as a fantastic method for establishing your social media legacy. By doing so, you will elevate the voices of both yourself and others. On Medium or Instagram Live, you can create a series in which you conduct real-time interviews with your website visitors and broadcast the resulting content to your social media profiles. Instead of posing for the camera, provide material that shows your personality and values.

The next phase is to feel at ease and transcend the filter. Being in a bad mood

Share On Social Media- Hermagic

Share On Social Media- Hermagic

Unfiltered sharing of information that goes beyond “living your best life” might be unsettling. Keep in mind that the first few times you attempt something new will be uncomfortable. You should always post and share from a place of inclusivity, compassion, and consideration, while remaining true to yourself.

Fourth Step: Practice and Observation

Share On Social Media- Hermagic

Share On Social Media- Hermagic

You never know which doors will be opened when you consistently work to establish your social media legacy. We can never predict which side gigs and mentorship opportunities may result from our interviews and content.

Aligning your social media legacy with your activism in the real world will make you a genuine social change agent, in my opinion.

International influencers, entrepreneurs, and business owners inspired me to create my own social media legacy. Two of my favourite sources of motivation and inspiration are the following:

The Feminist Institute is a non-profit organisation committed to archiving the cultural achievements of feminists through the digitization of a vast collection of archival documents. TFI is completing the digital cultural record from a feminist perspective as part of ongoing social endeavours to broaden people’s awareness of history and culture.

Reclamation Magazine is a media startup committed to amplifying the voices of individuals who are frequently silenced or overlooked by the mainstream media.

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