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Wallpaper trends for bedrooms and living rooms in 2022: 8 top picks

Wallpaper | Hermagic

The interior designers and trend experts’ picks for the year 2022’s most popular wallpaper designs

Bold florals and eye-catching stripes sit side by side with delicate small-scale prints and subtly textured designs in the latest wallpaper trends.

In the world of interior design, wallpaper is a game-changer. One day is all it takes to transform any room, and it’s far less expensive than completely redoing an entire kitchen to keep up with the latest trends.

This year’s wallpaper trends are dominated by floral and leafy patterns, according to James Greenwood, an interiors expert at Graham & Brown(opens in a new tab) “Biophilia is one of this year’s most popular interior design trends. Nature-inspired designs like bright florals and tropical leaf patterns are all over this season’s collections.”

“Vintage wallpapers and archival designs are also making a comeback, taking us back in time. In addition to those of us who crave a bit of nostalgia, the retro revival has found a new, younger audience to enjoy the decor styles of yesteryear.”

In this article, interior designers and wallpaper experts share their predictions for the biggest wallpaper trends of 2022 and 2023…

Wallpaper trends for 2022: the biggest


Wallpaper | Hermagic

From recent years have seen an uptick in the maximalist trend in interior design and it continues to be a best-selling wallpaper design that is unapologetically bold, where more is more.

“This is an era of “anything goes,”” “Bright colours, large-scale prints, geometrical, and texture! Texture! Texture! Texture! Wallpaper is best used when you’re looking to add a little flair to your room.. For example, it could be a burst of colour on an otherwise neutral wall. Wallpapering all the way to the ceiling in a small room can completely change the feel of the room.”

This trend is here to stay, as we embrace more colour, pattern and texture,” says “Maximalism is here to stay.”

“Layering florals, leaves, and botanical motifs creates a beautiful effect. The best place is to start with a wallpaper, which will have the biggest impact on the space. Floral and botanical designs are often paired with geometric and floral patterns in maximalist interior design to create a sense of playfulness.”

Maximalist wallpaper is a great fit for the current bedroom trend because of its emphasis on ‘overloading’ patterns. Using bold colours like navy blue and terracotta pink to complement your wallpaper choices, you can create an intimate space. Because they can be overwhelming in larger rooms, busy patterns are often better suited to a more compact setting.

Tones of Sepia

Wallpaper | Hermagic

It’s botanical, but with sepia tints, for this wallpaper trend that has a vintage feel like Victorian botanical drawings. With its use of muted greys instead of the typical greens and browns found in jungle prints, this ‘Palm Design’ creates a more tranquil sepia tone.

It also features an overlaid grid pattern that lends it a modern feel. A large room like a living room or dining room would benefit from this, as it appears to break up the wall.

According to Jennifer Matthews, Co-founder of Tempaper, “for ongoing design trends, we are designing fantastical nature themes with beautiful botanicals for 2023.” (opens in new tab). In fashion and interior design, I’m seeing a lot of bold and graphic designs, and I think this trend will soon make its way into the home decor market.

Dreamy Ethereal Designs!

Wallpaper | Hermagic

Looking for a design that will help you feel like you’ve stepped into another world? The ethereal wallpaper trend is perfect for you if you fall into this category. While recent home and fashion trends have featured celebrities, this season’s focus is on serene scenes of blue skies and fluffy clouds that can be used in any setting.

In order to help you sleep better, you can use a cloud design on a peaceful blue background for a bedroom wallpaper that has a heavenly ethereal feel. If you want to introduce patterns and interest into your living room, consider wallpapering alcoves on either side of the fireplace. For a luxurious feel, add gold accents to the arch and cornice.

Ann Marie Cousins, the founder of AMC Design, says, “Wallpaper is incredibly diverse and can work in any room in the house.” “Rather than committing to wallpapering an entire room, try it out in a small patch of wall first. Make a statement with eye-catching patterns.”

Interactive pattern

Wallpaper | Hermagic

You can start with small prints if you’re unsure about wallpaper. It doesn’t feel overbearing and can be used in any room of the house when it is used in a subtle colour palette, such as grey or soft sage green.

In the words of Patrick O’Donnell of Farrow and Ball: “Small repeat patterns are a lovely way to get started with wallpaper” (opens in new tab). “If you’re looking for something that’s less visually taxing than a larger-scale print, you may want to opt for a smaller-scale print. Ideally suited for a more compact aesthetic that doesn’t overpower the available space.”

Texture inspired by japani

Wallpaper | Hermagic

However, for the year 2022, subtle and refined textures on walls will be in vogue once again. Using traditional Japanese paper ribbon spinning and dyeing techniques, the Paperweave collection by Mark Alexander(opens in new tab) creates a wallcovering using a sustainable crop of renewable fibres.

An interior designer at Zulufish says textured walls are a great way to add character and warmth to any space (opens in new tab). “When light falls on the walls, hessian or grasscloth patterns diffuse it, giving the room a cosier, softer feel. They also change their appearance subtly from day to night. It allows the architectural details of a room to take centre stage, while still providing the perfect backdrop for a variety of furnishings.”

You can create an inviting sleep space in your Japanese-inspired bedroom by using textured wallpaper. Introduce dark wood frames, basketweave chairs, and simple artwork to continue the Japandi look.

Geometrics in a neutral form

Wallpaper | Hermagic

To bridge the gap between shaped patterns and stripes, geometric wallpaper designs have long been a popular choice. In 2022, however, chevrons are set to take the lead as the “new geometric”.

This cobalt blue and white chevron pattern is an alternative to traditional stripes for drawing the eye upwards, making it ideal for rooms with low ceilings. For a living room, this wallpaper would be perfect. Choose art prints in the same best living room colours as the pattern on the cushions and the fabric of the armchair to complete the look.


Wallpaper | Hermagic

Striped wallpaper is making a comeback this year, in both bold and subtle forms. Wallpaper in living rooms and bedrooms has been a slow burner for a few seasons now, but stripes are now bolder and bigger than ever for 2022 wallpaper trends.

Co-founder of The Curious Department Ross Taylor says: “The resurgence of the seventies is one of the trends we are most looking forward to.”

“Although seventies wallpaper prints can be incredibly bold, what we often see is that revived eras often express themselves in completely new colour palettes.”

The stripes on this Liberation wallpaper (shown above) are large, bold, and diagonal, evoking the look of a man’s tie. An armchair upholstered in the same fabric as the sofa elevates the look even further.

Experimentation in the form of art

Wallpaper | Hermagic

The new way to impress with feature walls is to use wall murals that resemble art installations. An explosive swirl of pattern that has compulsive movement has been translated from Kyra Cane’s original ceramic pieces in this new Drifting Wall design for Villa Nova.

The six drops of wallcovering supplied and printed as a continuous roll make up the three-meter square mural. Keep the furniture simple so that it doesn’t detract from the design if used as a living room wallpaper in a large area. It would also look great in a hallway with a high ceiling and a large window.

In 2023, will wall paper be popular?

The first thing to remember is that wallpaper trends are slow-moving. “This isn’t a fad that’s here and gone in a matter of days. And this is due to the time and effort it takes to put up a long-lasting print on your walls.”

In the case of jungle prints, for example, the trend has been around for a long time but remains extremely popular.

“There is always a starting point for wallpaper trends, no matter how long they burn. The pandemic, for example, can be a cultural or external factor. There is a resurgence of the 1970s trend that is worth keeping an eye on.”

“It’s a beautiful combination of pastel blues, pink paint colours, and tourmaline greens. Emilio Pucci prints have appeared on Milan runways for the last few seasons, and the 70s revival is culturally driven. This will eventually find its way to the walls of people’s homes, but it will take some time for it to do so.”

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