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Tips for Dealing with a Theft-Involved Boss

Involved Boss

Involved Boss- Hermagic

I had a former employer who constantly took the credit for things I did.

Whenever he had something he needed delivered quickly, he would try to motivate me to work harder.

He once shouted at me over the phone, “This is our moment to shine,” after I had spent three days working nonstop on a deck. “This plan will completely alter the course of the business!”

As a ruse, he’d act like he wanted me to give a presentation at the meeting and invite me to come along.

When I asked for a seat at the virtual table, he would say, “Sure, let’s talk about it closer to the meeting, I see no issue with that.” Nothing he said or did on the day of our scheduled meeting prompted me to send him a text or a message. The invitation was unavailable to me. Since I couldn’t attend, I’d have to find out from others how the meeting went.

He would send my writing to others without including me in the cc or mentioning that it was mine.

Please respond to the question posed by the company’s top executive. Please respond with three brief reasons why we should move forward immediately. After that, he would essentially copy and paste my message and send it back to me as his own reply. It wasn’t until a fellow leader forwarded me an email containing his proposal that I realised this was the case.

Over the course of several years working for this person, I endured this treatment, and given the hierarchical nature of most corporations in the United States, I was powerless to stop it. In my position as a leader in the group, it was important to me that I get recognition for my efforts without having to fight off any accusations that they were actually theirs. Ultimately, I hoped that my contributions and ideas would be recognised and appreciated. Moreover, it was crucial to my future advancement in this company. It would be difficult to increase my worth and advance in my career if my peers didn’t value the work I did as a contribution.

You may be wondering what to do if your boss regularly takes credit for your efforts without giving you any. When faced with this predicament, you can consider the following five strategies:

1. Try To Get a Chance To Present Your Work To boss

Present Your Work

Involved Boss- Hermagic

I’m thrilled with the proposal I crafted, and I know we discussed it at length last week. I’d really appreciate it if I could get to know some of the other VPs here at work. I was wondering if you knew anyone I could talk to about this proposal.

In this section, you confirm your familiarity with the circulated proposal. Further, you frame the inquiry as a teaching moment for your manager. Where can they put you in touch with others like you who share your interests in order to promote your work? What kinds of upcoming conferences would you be interested in giving a presentation at? Can you make it to the next meeting to report on the progress of the project?

2. Disseminate The Word About Your Efforts

Disseminate The Word About Your Efforts

Involved Boss- Hermagic

Your boss isn’t likely to be an advocate for you if they steal credit for your efforts. They are preoccupied with thinking about how to advance in the company and focusing on management. They are preoccupied with their own glorification to care about the professional development of others.

Raise your own voice and defend yourself. Share your hard-earned results with the world. Sharing your proposal with others for feedback is a great way to do this, and will also help them realise that you were the one who came up with the idea. Feel free to bring up the fact that you were thrilled to take the helm of the project and relieved when the company agreed to fund it the next time you catch up with a leader about something else.

3. Incorporate Others’ Contributions Into The Final Score

Incorporate Others

Involved Boss- Hermagic

What a testament it is to Joe’s character that he had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that exists in our country and select a woman as his Vice President,” said Madame Vice President Kamala Harris in her address to the nation following a historic presidential election.

Harris’s resume and qualifications made him an ideal candidate for the position of Vice President. She also decided to thank Biden in her speech for inviting her to join his ticket and providing her with access. Now, what can we take away from Harris’s words?

Recognize your manager for their contribution. This may seem backwards at first, but consider it from this angle instead: In the story you want to tell about yourself within the company, present yourself as an equal and someone who was a thought partner on this work.

“I am so grateful to my boss for providing me with the opportunity to work on this crucial project, and I am proud that we got to lead this work for the company together.”

4. Inquire About Possible Side Projects

Inquire about Projects

Involved Boss- Hermagic

If your manager has a history of stealing credit from their team, don’t expect any changes to occur soon. Especially if the company allows and approves of their actions. In all likelihood, you won’t be the first or last victim of their theft.

As the pandemic drags on, businesses will continually reevaluate their top priorities and consider new ways to add value and generate income. Raise your hand if you’re interested in switching projects and gaining exposure to new managers. To find out what people are working on and how you can assist, it’s a good idea to schedule some online coffee dates. Don’t be vague about your expertise and what you can bring to the table. Lastly, don’t be shy about asking to join the project; doing so will allow you to aid the company during this time while also allowing you to advance your own career by earning recognition for your work under a new manager.

5. Get On The Hunt For a New Job

Hunt for a new job

Involved Boss- Hermagic

Ultimately, we should all be able to contribute to a team in which our efforts are appreciated and rewarded. If the person’s behaviour isn’t going to change, like it didn’t with one of my former managers, how long are you willing to put up with being in a position where someone else gets credit for your work? Not being appreciated for your efforts can be disheartening and damaging to your self-esteem over time.

It’s time to look beyond your current horizons and find a company (and a boss) that will let you make an impact and own it. If you want to succeed in life, you need to find a place where you can do so.


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How would you handle it if you saw a coworker stealing something?

The best way to answer, “What would you do if you witnessed a coworker stealing?” is to explain that you’d report what you saw to your direct superior without causing a confrontation in front of customers or the team.

What would you do if you saw someone being unsafe at work?

Speak to the Offender in Private

When you see a co-worker breaking a safety procedure or otherwise acting unsafely, talk to that person in private. Approach your co-worker with kindness and understanding rather than accusations as you request that he or she maintains a safe work environment for the sake of everyone.

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