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There Are 5 Chic Bags That You Will Never Stop Using!

 Chic Bags | Hermagic

Chic Bags – Hermagic

It’s common knowledge that women all around the world regard their handbags to be among their closest and most reliable friends. We need an ally that will not only stay for a very long time but also compliments who we are as individuals, can adapt to any circumstance, and will not let us down. Despite to the fact that there have been major improvements made to the design of women’s handbags, there are still several tried-and-true silhouettes that are never out of style. It is possible to claim that these purses are a woman’s closest companion.

There is a variety of handbag available for any event, from little clutches to capacious totes, and everything in between. As women, we have alot of responsibilities, and our bags ought to reflect the fact that we do. Although it is permissible to have more than one (or ten for that matter). When you have a good one, it’s hard to let go of them.

5 chic bags ideas:



Chic Bags – Hermagic

This is something that the busy woman who is always on the move can depend on at all times. Choose an envelope clutch for a more polished and sophisticated appearance, or experiment with contrasting colours and textures to create the ideal evening bag for a night out with the girls. A fold-over clutch will give you a more relaxed and laid-back look, while an envelope clutch will give you a more polished and sophisticated appearance.

Cross Body

Cross Body Bags

Chic Bags – Hermagic

A cross-body bag is not only fashionable but also practical; it enables you to carry your essentials without having to give up the use of your hands (a necessity in any big city, especially Paris). A vital component of any music festival, in addition to being a helpful accessory for any weekend getaway.


Satchel Bags

Chic Bags – Hermagic

Because of its streamlined form, classic colour palette, and exquisite leather embellishments, the satchel is a flexible handbag that will look fantastic with anything from a work suit to a night out on the town. Beacuse of this fact that it is made with leather.


shopper Bags

Chic Bags – Hermagic

When you need a bag that can store anything you might need, the safest option is to go with a tote because it has more compartments. You can “carry” things like your umbrella, books, camera, make-up bag, wallet, and other items no matter what the weather is like outside.

Cubes For Packing

Bags in Cubes

Chic Bags – Hermagic

That one bag that can be carried to almost every event is something that everybody has, and if you don’t already have one, you should go out and acquire one as soon as possible. You could opt for a leather backpack like the one I wear every day or a nylon tote like Longchamp’s Le Pliage. I personally prefer a backpack. It is possible to pack it down into a square, it is resistant to the elements, it has sufficient space, and it goes with anything.


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What bags are in style now?

We love the contrast red too.
1. Party Bag. Givenchy/Lanvin.
2. Supersize Totes. Chanel/Proenza Schouler. …
3. Circular Silhouettes. Dior/Acne. …
4. Chain details. Versace/Stella McCartney. …
5. Crochet Textures. Acne/Chloé …
6. Structured bags. Prada/Balenciaga. …
7. Slouchy Bags. Jil Sander/Gucci. …
8. Mini Bags. Christian Dior/Coach.

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