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The moment has come to learn the art of weekend delight.

This question requires a strong positive response. You are misguided if you believe you are the sole individual. Those of us who spend the most of our time at home may feel as though they are caught in an endless cycle. Weekends can eventually resemble weekdays in certain ways.

Therefore, it is time to reclaim your vacation time. Occasionally, we may all benefit from recharging our batteries. Consider the following thirteen ideas to differentiate Saturday and Sunday from the other days of the week.

Determine if your computer is blocking the path

At the conclusion of the weekend, it is best to conceal your personal computer rather than leaving your business laptop accessible until Monday, when you will need it. True or false: does the idiom “out of sight, out of mind” hold true?

There is the option to disable alerts

Unless it is an emergency, you should disable the email settings on your phone if you get business emails there.

Reintroduce the regular occurrence of Fridays!

How did you act on Friday afternoons in the past? asks Benjamin Ritter. No, it was not shut down. What have your friends been up to? What is required to enjoy oneself? Create a habit that will serve as a reminder that Friday is approaching.


Liana Pavane, the founder of TTYL and a digital health consultant, advises Friday afternoon activities that take the same amount of time as your trip home. Even if we are at home on the weekend, we must, as she puts it, “physically and emotionally produce the sense of ‘going.'” Take the family for a bike ride, meditate, or prepare a delectable meal for the next morning, as some suggestions.

A good night’s sleep is crucial to keep a healthy lifestyle

The National Sleep Foundation encourages having a consistent wake-up time, but you can allow yourself an hour’s delay if you feel the need for additional sleep. Try waking up when you (or your children or dog) are prepared, as opposed to utilising an alarm clock.

Prepare an exquisite breakfast.

If you normally dine out on Saturday mornings, you might consider preparing your usual breakfast at home. Options include eggs with chicken sausage or healthful pancakes.

Take in a deep breath.

According to family therapist Katie Rom Hisel, LMFT, each day of the week should be spent walking in a new location. If your preferred parks are closed, you should try visiting an other park. Alternately, you may take a trip around the neighbourhood or do some yard work to distract yourself. Small amounts of physical activity and outdoor exposure can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Remember to schedule time for enjoyable activities.

We frequently ignore our favourite pleasures over the week, leaving us with a large list of things we’ve neglected. It is time to continue your favourite pastimes, such as playing the guitar, drawing, reading, or knitting.

Be creative when making new friends and meeting people from other backgrounds.

Connect with family and friends online as frequently as usual on the weekend. Happy hours, coffee breaks, and dinners can be conducted using Zoom, FaceTime, and other video conferencing technologies. If you frequently train together on the weekends, it is advisable to choose an online workout that can be completed simultaneously. Additional concurrent games include trivia and karaoke. A treasure hunt is an entertaining way to kill time. “Everyone selects objects from their home in response to prompts like’something you purchased on your most recent vacation,'” explains Pavane.

Saturday is the day to wear formal attire.

Before you are dressed, place some candles on the table and adorn it with other objects. Then, order takeout or create a dinner that you often would not prepare during the week owing to the time commitment. I love the departure from my usual dinners, which are often simple and quick.

Bring the outdoors indoors


If the weather is poor or nonexistent, bring the outside inside. Plan your next vacation around a night under the stars, a picnic, or an outdoor performance. Generally, outdoor activities are preferable to inside ones.

Consider taking a online tour of a museum.

You can enjoy virtual tours of the Smithsonian, the Musee d’Orsay, and the Vatican Museum without leaving your home. Numerous zoos and aquariums use the same technique.


Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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