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The drawbacks of using mobile devices with children

Convenience vs. safety concerns when it comes to mobile devices and children:

The debate over technology’s role in society continues unabated as we speak. When it comes to lifestyle choices, there are both positive and negative aspects to consider. When it comes to kids and technology, there’s a lot to think about, especially when it comes to tablets and mobile phones.

Here are some reasons why we should exercise caution when it comes to handing out mobile devices to children, especially those who are impressionable and still developing brains.

Mistakenly forming shapes

Our health and well-being suffer greatly when we lead a sedentary lifestyle, and the fact that this is also true for children should come as no surprise. Because of this, relying on a mobile device as an extension of one’s body throughout the day does them no good. If you want to avoid scaremongering, you should encourage your children to spend more time outdoors, or to take up a variety of artistic activities, such as music, dance, or art sports.

Concerns about health

Cell phone radiation has been classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” by the WHO. This is especially true for children, whose brains are exposed to these radiations at a rate that is roughly 60 percent higher than that of an adult. According to a Spanish neurodiagnostic research institute, a phone call lasting just a few minutes can have a long-lasting effect on a child’s brain’s natural electrical activity for up to an hour.

Being encapsulated

Because of the hours spent on mobile devices, children now have an innate and unbreakable dependence on their devices. Kids are hooked on their devices for hours at a time because the apps, videos, games, and other content out there are designed to keep them there. This soon becomes their reality, and they begin to exist solely within the confines of it. Because their reality cannot be matched by our shared reality, they will always choose to use their mobile devices to get away from it if given the chance.

Regression in the context of relationships

Naturally, children develop behavioural patterns early on and have a difficult time breaking them later in life. What makes excessive use of mobile devices any different from excessive use of any other technology? A child’s ability to interact with others is negatively impacted when this occurs. As a result, young adults are left feeling emotionally stunted and disoriented, and they may also struggle to form meaningful relationships.

Killer of the imagination

A mobile device is an excellent media consumption tool, as we all know. In fact, you get everything you need on a silver platter, with little to no effort required on your part. It’s not uncommon for kids to become accustomed to this early on and lose out on the opportunity to create and craft things for themselves. Imagine if you had a hypnotic, enthralling, and mesmerising experience in front of you instead of a blank canvas.

The best course of action isn’t likely to be simply removing devices from their lives. Another option would be to moderate and regulate the use of these gadgets by children themselves.



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