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Here’s why you should begin the self-love-a-rama today!

Don’t leave that self-love on the shelf, love!

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

Oh well, on the face of it, it would seem nigh on impossible and down-right incredulous to think that we would love ourselves less than the adequate amount, wouldn’t it? The sad truth, however, is that this is very much the case for plenty of us. Now, in those immortal words of the Fab Four, who crooned, “…all we need is love,” it would make perfect sense for us to employ this anthem as an instruction to love ourselves in the everyday.

Loosen the chains

Often, we find it hard to be at peace with ourselves. With the unrealistic expectations, ideals, and standards we are relentlessly held up to in the postmodern world, who can really blame us? This is a definite hiccup on the path to self-love. Now, that’s why it’s time to take a step back and loosen the chains of these ideals that bind – they are a fantasy sold by society as well as the beauty and fashion industries, and are as crushing as they are crippling. Instead, find ideals that truly matter, and matter to you.

Love to love

If we don’t love ourselves enough, or think we are inadequate as a consequence, this sentiment is going to prevent us from loving everyone else. Oh, why’s that, I hear you ask? Well, if we think we’re inadequate, we’re always going to focus on other people’s faults in a vain attempt to appear superior to them. Now, this is hardly a foundation, or indeed an undercurrent on which to base a stable, loving relationship! Therefore, learn to love yourself first, and it’ll help you love and accept everyone else – faults and warts and all.

No more negative charge

This sense of inadequacy that a lack of self-love brings is intangible, but the effects are quite real, let us assure you. It could have been the very thing that caused your stage fright, or even the thing that prevented you from taking part in sports and well, so much more. No more, however, drop that negative charge immediately – embrace yourself wholeheartedly, and don’t let you hold you back! Radiate your very own brand of positivity, and this will act as a quick and lasting boost to your self-esteem.


I bet you’ve noticed – life’s not a bed of roses, quite far from it. In fact, and we’re all well-acquainted with adversity and setbacks. Given this scenario, the absence of self-love and self-worth seems to ratify and explain every setback, leaving us in an endless cycle of self-pity. Self-love, on the other hand, provides us with the positivity, the self-confidence, the energy and the effervescence to bounce back sooner, and with renewed vigor to take the world head-on.

You (yes, you!) are unique. Not just that, you are capable, good, strong and more than enough for you and everyone else who matters to you. Hey, if we don’t love ourselves, it’s a bit of a stretch to expect everyone else to do so, wouldn’t it? So, embrace yourself, and the self-love today!


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