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Become A Millionaire From Just AED 35: Participate And Be A Mahzooz Winner

Mahzooz Winner

Mahzooz Winner | Hermagic

To welcome more millionaires into the good life, Mahzooz has launched a unique limited-time offer that will quadruple your chances of becoming a millionaire. Mahzooz, the UAE’s premier and the most popular weekly draw, has produced 28 millionaires in only two years. 

What is Mahzooz Lottery?

Mahzooz Lottery

Mahzooz Lottery | Hermagic

The Mahzooz Lottery, formerly known as the Emirates Lottery, went live on November 28, 2020. The title Mahzooz means “lucky” in Arabic. With a starting jackpot of AED 10,000,000 to the Mahzooz Winner and three guaranteed Mahzooz winners, each collecting AED 100,000.

Emirates Lotto was the UAE’s inaugural lottery, debuting in April 2020 with a grand prize of AED 35,000,000. However, the Mahzooz draw ultimately boosted this price to AED 50,000,000 before being reduced to AED 10,000,000, with the Mahzooz raffle draw awarding AED 100,000 to three players weekly.

Double Your Chances of Becoming a Millionaire

Chances of Becoming a Millionaire

Chances of Becoming a Millionaire | Hermagic

Participants who purchase one Mahzooz water bottle for AED 35 will immediately receive an additional entry into the weekly draw. This way, doubling their chances of winning the first prize of AED 10 Million, second prize of AED 1 Million, third prize of AED 350, and raffle draw prize of AED 300,000. All they have to do is buy one bottle of water for AED 35 and pick two sets of five numbers, doubling their chances of matching the five Mahzooz winners number. Users must first register on the official Mahzooz website to enter the draw and buy a bottle of water for 35 AED. Each bottle now grants them two entries into the grand prize and weekly raffle draw.

Cost and Rules of Mahzooz Draw

The cost of entering the Mahzooz 2023 draw remains the same – AED 35 per line or entry, with participants allowed to purchase as many Mahzooz Tickets as they choose. The Mahzooz raffle draw is open to everyone over 18 from anywhere in the world. You can buy credits on the newly enhanced Mahzooz 2023 web platform to enter the Mahzooz winners draw. Every Saturday at 9:00 p.m. UAE Standard Time, the Mahzooz live draw takes place. Players must finish their purchases before 20:30 to be eligible to participate in each night’s draw. A mechanical device will determine the winning numbers that randomly mix the ball sets. Mahzooz also streams the whole number drawing process live on their website.

How To Claim Your Winnings?

You have 365 days from the draw date to withdraw your prizes from your Mahzooz grand draw online account. Withdrawals under AED 300 incur a fee of AED 10 from a UAE account and AED 20 from a non-UAE account. Withdrawals of more than AED 300 are not subject to fees.

To comply with UAE anti-money laundering rules, jackpot winners (Match Five) must travel to the country to claim their winnings. The Mahzooz Winner 2023 Services Manager will contact the winner to review the claim process.

The Mahzooz winners Service Manager will also contact the Match Four prize winners. You must deposit your earnings in a bank account. The third-place finishers (Match Three) can access their prize money as soon as their online version becomes available. Winners can choose to pay out or save their earnings in their account to play with again later. The currency used to pay awards and process withdrawals from Mahzooz grand prize winners is AED, and winners may have to pay currency conversion costs.

Extra Discount On Water Bottles

With the Mahzooz raffle, you can enjoy an additional discount on any water bottles purchased through the website or app. The Mahzooz 2023 promotion is available for purchase and requires no minimum spend. Purchase water bottles and enter the Mahzooz raffle draw to win incredible prizes in the next Mahzooz 2023 lottery. Unique Mahzooz ticket purchase deal 2023 is available to all users in the United Arab Emirates of a Mahzooz 2023 website or app within Mahzooz 2023 special offers on Almowafir, and it applies to all water bottles on the platform.

Don’t miss out on this excellent 100% effective Mahzooz 2023 discount coupon from Almowafir and be eligible to win 10,000,000 AED in the next draw. With a Mahzooz Ticket Purchase 2023, you can buy and give simultaneously. You can acquire a subscription line for each box that automatically qualifies you for a weekly lucky draw for enormous rewards. Get your Mahzooz grand draw discount code from Almowafir right now.

CSR Activities

Mahzooz, “lucky” in Arabic, has given away over AED 280,000,000 in prize money and is the region’s top weekly draw. It has been changing people’s lives for the better through its vast rewards and its extensive CSR program, which has benefitted over 8,000 individuals to date. Every water bottle purchased to join the draw is distributed to those in need through Mahzooz’s community partners.

About Mahzooz & EWINGS

Mahzooz is a weekly live draw that provides participants with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win millions of dirhams. Mahzooz is committed to fulfilling people’s ambitions and giving back to the community. While EWINGS LLC, on the other hand, is Mahzooz’s Managing Operator. However, EWINGS is a technology and operations management firm based in the United Arab Emirates. It provides customized strategy, technology infrastructure, operations, and management services. Moreover, the company also emphasizes the entertainment industry.


Because of the unique nature of Mahzooz’s draw, you know that whether you win or lose, your money will benefit those in need after purchasing a Mahzooz Ticket. So, even if your bank account does not grow, you may be assured that you did something good. In this you find how the Mahzooz winners participate and win. Moreover, you can find more such lucky draws on the Hermagic official website.


How Can You Double Your Chances of Becoming A Millionaire?
You can double your chances of matching the five winning numbers by purchasing one bottle of water for AED 35 and selecting two sets of five digits.

Is It Possible to Become a Millionaire Through Mahzooz Draw?
Mahzooz, the UAE’s most popular weekly draw, has produced 28 millionaires in just two years. So, yes, it is possible to become a Millionaire through Mahzooz draw.

I ordered Mahzooz water bottles but have yet to receive them. How is that even possible?
You must purchase water bottles to obtain subscription lines for the raffle draw. The company will give away the water bottles you buy to those in need, and the money you provide goes to charitable groups.

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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