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9 Must Have Hermes Sandals

Hermes Sandals

Hermes Sandals | Hermagic

Hermès has adhered to its handcrafted style and humanist values ever since 1837. The ongoing search for gorgeous materials, the freedom to create, and the passing down of outstanding knowledge enable the development of functional, attractive items that endure. It makes Hermes distinctive. Every minimalist’s hidden weapon, Hermès sandals are understated, luxurious, and crafted from the best Italian leather. You will also find something from Hermès that appeals to you, even if chunky pool slides or fancy dad sandals are not your choices.

Check out our comprehensive guide to buying Hermes Sandals.

Best Hermes Sandals For Women

1. Hermes Oran Sandal

Hermes Oran Sandal

Hermes Oran Sandal | Hermagic

These are the sandals found in every cool girl’s footwear collection. Oran sandals are low profile and give a barefoot effect. They are specially designed in Italy to provide everyday comfort to the feet. These Hermes sandals for women involve the use of box calfskin leather. It is high-quality leather and is the oldest one employed in Hermes bags. Hence, these sandals immediately came into the cult fashion setting the Hermes shoe collection buzz.

2. Hermes Cristal Sandal

Hermes Cristal Sandal

Hermes Cristal Sandal | Hermagic

The Cristal sandal by Hermes is designed by the one who values legitimate, prim, and appropriate items. The two adjustable sandals straps, which combine the charm of a mule and slingback, are embellished with cute H-shaped closures for extra style. These closures of buckles constitute the sandalwood lacquered metal. Also, the sandals have goatskin in the sole and its lining. Thus, it is Oran’s little more assertive relative. These Hermes sandals are super-classy, comfortable, durable, and extra elegant. They are available in five brilliant colors out there.

3. Hermes Claire Sandal

Hermes Claire Sandal

Hermes Claire Sandal | Hermagic

They have palladium-plated buckles for closure and goatskin insole and lining. The Claire Hermes sandals feature a classic design modified with the special aged gold-plated hooks on the top. These match every outfit, whether a pair of faded jeans or a floral dress. Hermès’ Claire sandal incorporates the current trend of massive gold chains. Also, it does it as a classy embellishment instead of a full-on takeover. The chain link’s delicate “H” shape is an obvious tribute to the fashion brand and distinguishes this one from others.

4. Hermes Legend Sandal

Hermes Legend Sandal

Hermes Legend Sandal | Hermagic

These Hermes sandals are the traditional wedges that give a bit of lift to the flat footwear. Whether going to an outdoor party or just having lunch in the city, they are ideal for wearing at the height of summer. You can choose a traditional color like brown or something more eye-catching like zebra. They have a 3-inch wedge heel, a thinner H-cutout at the foot top, and a leather strap around the ankle. I adore them when I need a little extra height or for more formal occasions.

5. Hermes Amica Sandal

Hermes Amica Sandal

Hermes Amica Sandal | Hermagic

The Amica Hermes sandals constitute water-resistant TPU fabric. Therefore, you can carry them on your holidays to the beach. The Chaine d’Ancre, another iconic Hermès design, is also shown over it. These high-heeled sandals with calfskin, and straight-cut edges, are the perfect summer footwear. You can wear it with any beach outfit, whether a beach suit, floral, or linen maxi dress.

6. Hermes Dune Sandal

The French house duplicated the Amica sandal to create an entwined look. Hence, these are the top Hermes sandals currently available out there. They give a dual color effect, making them suitable for various outfits. They go best with a white sundress having a tan belt. These are made from black leather soles and offer a chic modern appearance. They give a super-stylish look to every beach outfit.

7. Hermes Egerie Sandal

Hermes Egerie Sandal

Hermes Egerie Sandal | Hermagic

Since the Egeria Hermes sandals have water-resistant TPU fabric, you can bring them with you on your beach vacation. Like other Hermes sandals, it also has its iconic motif on the top. It is the perfect fit for summer outfits and constitutes the rubber. It is comfortable for daily wear and offers a super-stylish look when worn with beach outfits. Now no need to search for waterproof super-cool footwear for your beach vacations. Here are the Egeria sandals that you wanted.

8. Hermes Santorini Sandal

Hermes Santorini Sandal

Hermes Santorini Sandal | Hermagic

The Santorini Hermes sandals are super-comfortable and have a footbed with a cushion. These are another version of Oran sandals with an additional supportive ankle strap and closed heel. These are available in many joyous colors suitable for the summer season. You can choose a yellow-rose teaming with candy pink trendy summer outfit.

9. Hermes Auteuil Sandal

Hermes Auteuil Sandal

Hermes Auteuil Sandal | Hermagic

Like other Hermes sandals for women on the list, these are also the best ones for the summer season. These also have an iconic H-stamp on the shoe, indicating the Hermes way of dabbling with the trend. The platinum-plated H shouts out the brand to which this footwear belongs. Also, its textured fringe detailing pays homage to the brand’s equestrian history. The soles of these sandals are also made from leather and are super-comfy in summer.


Since 1837, Hermes has remained committed to its humanistic ethos and handcrafted business approach. Hermes is distinctive from every other brand due to its ongoing search for gorgeous items and the passing down of excellent knowledge. It enables the development of functional and attractive materials that tolerate everything. This article lists the best Hermes sandals for women that are most comfy and stylish for the summer season. To get more updates visit our official website hermagic.


When did Hermes release the Oran sandal?
Hermes released its Oran sandals in 1997. Since then, they have been the fashion trend. They are super comfortable and go well with every summer outfit. They are iconic and can be worn casually in everyday routines.

Do Hermes Oran sandals have serial numbers?
The authentic Hermes sandals for women have a serial number at the inner portion of the iconic H-strap. It is the area that is nearest to your baby’s toe. These are present on every Oran sandal by Hermes.

How do I protect my Hermes sandals?
Hermes sandals use leather, a living material that damages exposure to extreme heat and humidity. The best way to retain your leather items is to clean them regularly at the workshop.

Do Oran sandals fit true to size?
Oran sandals fit true to the size. Always refer to the size guide while choosing your size. If you have wider feet, you can go for half size than your size. For those having narrow feet, the Oran sandals fit perfectly to them.

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