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The Morrisons More Card – Is it Worth Signing Up For?

Morrisons more card

Morrisons More Card | Hermagic

Have you been shopping for all your groceries with Morrisons but never had the idea of getting the Morrisons more card? Well, now is the time for you to do it in full swing! Heavy discounts are easy to use for those who are frequently shopping for groceries. This is so much worth saving your money when you are looking for a smart way to save money. But if you are new to this card you might probably be wondering what this card is all about. 

What is Morrisons More card? 

The Morrisons More card is the loyalty card scheme provided by the popular UK grocery store chain Morrisons. It was launched in 2016, the card allows customers to earn points and get money off their shopping once they keep at Morrisons . This is one of the most convenient cards for those who are truly visiting the shopping site and grocery store in the city. The card also offers extra savings opportunities and reward points if you are signing up for the first time.

How Does the Morrisons More Card Works? 

How Does the Morrisons More Card Works? 

How Does the Morrisons More Card Works? | Hermagic

The card works in the following ways: 

  • When the customers use the card it offers £1 spent in savings or online shopping with 5 more extra points as the reward points. This also includes if you are using the Morrisons gas station customers get 10 Morrisons points!  
  • Points are loaded onto the cardboard and can be exchanged for cash off buying and there are different ways to redeem the reward points
  • Normally 1,000 reward points are really worth £5 off your buying. 
  • Points expire after 2 years if not used. 
  • No points are earned on gas, tobacco, lottery, present vouchers, and many others. 
  • Need to actively preserve track of points and give to maximise price. 
  • Provides records to Morrisons in your shopping conduct

Extensive Benefits of the More Card

Earning Points with Every Purchase:

At its core, the Morrisons More Card is a rewards application that allows shoppers to earn factors whenever they store at Morrisons. For each pound spent in-save or online, contributors earn 5 factors, and for each litre of fuel purchased at Morrisons petrol stations, they earn ten points. These points quickly add up and can be redeemed for loads of rewards, making every purchasing journey a step in the direction of unlocking financial savings and advantages.

Tailored Offers and Personalized Rewards:

One of the standout capabilities of the Morrisons More Card is its potential to provide personalised rewards based on personal purchasing conduct. By studying purchase records and choices, Morrisons can tailor special offers and discounts to regular members. Whether it is discounts on favourite products, bonus returns on particular purchases, or unique promotions, the Morrisons More Card guarantees that customers acquire rewards that are relevant and treasured to them.

Fuel Savings at Morrisons Petrol Stations:

For motorists, the Morrisons More Card gives extra advantages beyond the grocery aisles. Members can use their factors to save on gas purchases at Morrisons petrol stations, assisting to offset the price of filling up their tanks. With gasoline charges regularly fluctuating, those financial savings can make a huge distinction for drivers and add incentive to select Morrisons for their gasoline needs.

Exclusive Partner Offers:

In addition to rewards in the Morrisons environment, the More Card additionally affords access to additional offers and partnerships with selected partners. From discounts on dining and enjoyment to financial savings on travel and amusement sports, participants can take advantage of a variety of rewards on grocery store shopping. 

Seamless Integration and Convenience:

The Morrisons More Card seamlessly integrates into the shopping experience, allowing members to earn and redeem points with ease. Whether purchasing in-shop, online, or at Morrisons petrol stations, customers can certainly gift their card or offer their account info to accrue points and access rewards. This flexibility adds a further layer of value to the program, ensuring that individuals can experience the benefits of their loyalty.

Regular money-off vouchers to apply in a shop

Extra discounts and coupons despatched through email or the Morrisons More app

Point boosting activities for instance. Get 1,000 bonus points while you spend £20

Exclusive offers and competitions for individuals’ most effective

Is the More Card worth it?

Is the More Card worth it?

Is the More Card worth it? | Hermagic

  • Can be profitable for regular Morrisons customers who will earn and use reward points frequently. 
  • Occasional buyers may not gain sufficient cost from the card. 
  • Best for individuals who will take benefit of bonus points regularly on personalised offers as well. 

Different ways to apply for the Morrisons more card 

Different ways to apply for the Morrisosn more card 

Different ways to apply for the Morrisons more card | Hermagic

Here are the steps to apply for the Morrisons More loyalty card:

1. In-Store Application

  • Go to the purchaser services desk at any Morrisons save.
  • Ask for a More card software shape. 
  • Fill on your non-public information – name, deal with, e-mail, and so forth.
  • Hand the completed form again to the patron services desk.
  • Your new More card can be posted to your home within 7-10 working days.
  • Bring the cardboard with you for your subsequent savings and start earning points and rewards.

2. Online Application

  • Go to the More card website
  • Click the “Join nowadays” button.
  • Fill in the online utility shape along with your personal details.
  • Morrisons will send your More card inside the envelope within five working days.
  • Activate your card while it arrives by creating a web account.
  • Add your More card variety to your account to begin amassing points online.

3. App Application

  • Download the free Morrisons More app.
  • Open the app and tap “Join More”
  • Enter your details and post the software.
  • A virtual More card will be introduced to your app within 24 hours.
  • Use the digital card immediately to begin earning the reward points.
  • A physical card may also be sent to your property.

So in only some simple steps you may join up for a More card in-shop, online, or through the app and start playing the benefits and gives! Let me know if you want any more info on applying for the Morrisons loyalty card application.


Needless to say, the Morrisons More card gives a handful of benefits for frequent Morrisons customers through cash-off vouchers and bonus factors. It’s free to enrol at no cost-effective price. So, save huge and pay less for every single purchase you make with the More card by Morrisons. Whether you are shopping digitally or you are shopping through a hard card the customer service is covenant and seamless. 

For more information, visit Hermagic


How does the Morrisons More rewards work?
With every single purchase, the customers get the rewards points, and these rewards can be redeemed later. The reward points also could be used to get discounts when purchasing in the future.
How do I check the balance on my Morrisons More card?
The balance of more card rewards could be checked on the Morrisons More app, or also on the website.
Are Morrisons more card reward points permanent?
The reward points expire 12 months after they have been earned. Plus, if the card has not been used online for more than 52 weeks, all the more points earned by the customers will be removed from the account.

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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