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Top 10 Makeup Courses in the UK

Makeup Courses

Makeup Courses | Hermagic

Chasing after a profession in makeup artistry is a staggeringly fulfilling and, thus, rewarding experience. A makeup artist is an expert in beauty care products and one who utilizes imaginative expertise and cosmetics items. They do this to improve somebody’s natural highlights. Some makeup artists utilize exceptional makeup skills to change an entertainer’s appearance. Even though you have the option to track an utilized business job, dealing with a self-employed premise as a freelancer artist is usual. Even though you needn’t bother with a degree, online makeup courses are a decent starting spot. There are so many good makeup artist courses accessible all around the nation, and thus one should look at the choices and select a course cautiously.

The UK’s Top 10 Makeup Schools

A vast pool of makeup artistry schools in the UK provides various courses and certifications. Still, one should look carefully before selecting affiliations, accreditations, facilities, coursework, etc. The UK has many beauty academies and some of the best makeup artists’ courses. Some of the best makeup artists course schools and online makeup courses in the UK are as follows:

1. The London School of Beauty and Makeup (LSBM)

London School of Beauty and Makeup

London School of Beauty and Makeup | Hermagic

Choose The Complete Pro Makeup Designer Diploma to learn a more extensive range of information and skills. This course will explore bridal, fashion, and media makeup artistry. They will also help you launch your makeup artistry career by giving you the chance to work with models who have just come off the catwalk. Students will also have the chance to participate in two photoshoots with a professional photographer to help them build a portfolio. The first two weeks of classes will cover makeup fundamentals, while the following six weeks will cover fashion and media makeup artistry.

During the eight weeks, you will study modules like

  • Colour theories
  • Session hair styling
  • Facial Contouring & Architecture
  • Editorial Makeup and Fashion Make-up techniques.

2. The Delamar Academy

For more than 35 years, Delamar Academy London has been the most highly recognized institution in the UK for makeup and hair education. We are the only British school to have produced Oscar, BAFTA, Emmy, and Vogue Makeup Artist of the Year winners and an Indian Academy Award winner. We are proud that many of our graduates have been cast in prestigious movies, TV shows, plays, and fashion shoots. For their particular skill-sets, Delamar Academy teachers represent the top professionals in the field. After the massive media consumption during the lockdown, the industry has never been busier than it is right now. Many of our recent alums are currently employed in movies, TV shows, music videos, and commercials.

3. Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM)

Academy of Freelance Makeup

Academy of Freelance Makeup | Hermagic

AOFM is famous for being one of the world’s leading makeup schools, having education sites in London, Paris, and New York. We revolutionized the makeup education industry by founding the first makeup school owned and run by working freelance makeup artists. Top worldwide makeup artists who work with the biggest names in fashion, media, and celebrities also teach our pupils. It was unheard of before AOFM, and many other institutions now aspire to this educational concept. There is no better location to launch your career than at AOFM, where more than 40 carefully selected experts teach our makeup courses.

4. The London School of Makeup

The London School of Make-up was established in 2000 and incorporated to train the following generation of makeup artists. Since then, they have witnessed many talented artists pass through the doors of our central London studios. That is located at the main intersection of two of the city’s most famous shopping streets, i.e., Oxford Street and Regent Street, and the entertainment district of Soho with its bustling restaurants and theatre district. Their team of knowledgeable makeup gurus and artists from the fashion, film, and media industries will be teaching you.

5. DFM


DFM | Hermagic

Picking the right school to enroll in can be precarious and tedious. Therefore, DFMA has cooperated with a studio to convey their excellent preparation at home. You can gain from the DFMA pioneer, Davina fermi because she trains pragmatic abilities and offers sagacious counsel to assist you. With this online makeup course from DFMA, you can follow your energy all-alone plan, advancing close to other hopeful artists and getting support constantly.

6. New Skill Academy

The course is loaded with 22 modules that provide the know-how of makeup artistry from a wide range of experiences. It also incorporates educational videos to assist you with adjusting your abilities and making progress in pushing ahead. It helps understand the nuances of makeup artistry, the latest trends, history, and timelines related to this art over the centuries. Additionally, this academy will equip you to become a beauty makeup artist. It will help you understand common skin issues along with the products and techniques required to solve those problems.

7. University for the creative arts – Makeup and hair design (With Integrated foundation and practice year) BA Hons

University for the creative arts

University for the creative arts | Hermagic

Their BA (Hons) Make-Up and Hair Design (with Integrated Foundation Year and Professional Practice Year) is a 5-year degree program where you can make excellent show-stoppers on UCA’sUCA’s imaginative BA (Hons) Make-up and Hair Design course. It allows you to grasp everything you need to know about the beauty industry and complete know-how from products to publications, collaborating with creative directors, high-net-worth clients, and advertisers. It also imparts in-depth industry knowledge, practical exposure, and creating your signature amongst other stylists.

8. Glauca Rossi School of Makeup

They offer two complete courses, 12-week beginners and 8-week beginner concentrated. Their master mentors take you directly from the fundamentals in week one to period looks and specialized structures for superior quality media. The two courses cover similar material, but the 12-week makeup course gives you more time to grasp the concepts that are not so clear. For whom is this course? It is appropriate for amateurs and someone who wants to brush up on already learned techniques. This course also permits you to work for design magazines, style shows, advertising campaigns, fashion catalogs, music specialists, and famous people. It demonstrates the abilities and methods you want to start a professional career as an expert makeup artist.


Film Makeup ICBT

Film Makeup ICBT | Hermagic

LCBT’sLCBT’s Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Theatrical and Media Make-up Techniques is curated to provide the progression knowledge about:

  • the Advance Dramatics
  • Media makeup Enterprises.

This course helps to get one started for a career as a freelance, fashion, media, and editorial artist. The course is taught by industry professionals and consists of modules that provide advanced knowledge in theatrical media.

10. NE Academy

It provides courses to improve your abilities or to prepare you for a career in makeup artistry. They also offer courses that give you fabulous specialization and active preparation, which helps you with experience in setting up a business, sites, virtual entertainment, and units. The course prepares you to set up as a regular occurrence, making a career.


Because the beauty and cosmetics profession is one that will never perish, it may be considered a secure career option. If you want to pursue it as a career, look into these cosmetics and beauty schools that suit you. For more information visit the official website of Hermagic.


Which course is best in makeup?
All though it strictly matters on the choice and preferences of the candidate that best suits their requirements. However, The London School of Beauty and Makeup provides a wide range of internationally accredited courses.

Which certificate is best for a makeup artist?
Some of the renowned makeup artist certifications include:

  • Diploma in BTEC Level 3
  • Diploma in Makeup Standards Authority (MASA)
  • ITEC Level 3 Certification
  • Diploma in VTCT Level 3
Who is the best makeup artist in the UK?
It would be unfair to name one best makeup artists as the UK has so many famous artists: However, Lan Nguyen-Grealis, Hannah Martin, and Adeola Gboyega are some of the best-renowned makeup artists in the UK.

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