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London Fashion Week: Beyond Retro – Future of the Fashion Evening

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week | Hermagic

London Fashion week is finally here. The first day of the London Fashion Week was launched on the 16th of September, 2022, while paying respect to the late Queen Elizabeth. London is the fashion capital, and every year, designers and brands wait for this trade show to present their summer/spring collections.

As this year’s London Fashion Week kicks in, we are eagerly waiting to experience the creation of such talented fashionistas. Some of the season’s highlights include “Future of the Fashion” Talks with Beyond Retro, Fragrance Profiling at Penhaligons, and jewelry recycling at Monica Vinader.

Here, Hermagic will be talking a bit more about Beyond Retro. So, let’s get started!

Beyond Retro brings you the “Future of Fashion” Evening

Future of Fashion

Future of Fashion | Hermagic

The show begins with a fashion talk with a special guest panel hosted by Lauren Bravo. Laura Bravo is a well-known name as she is the author of “How to Break Up With Fast Fashion”. Starting from delicious nibbles to drinks, Beyond Retro was all set to host the event.

Beyond Retro had previously informed everyone that entry is free, and tickets are available at –

Fashion Talk Show at the London Fashion Week 2022

Fashion Talk Show

Fashion Talk Show | Hermagic

A sustainable fashion talk was held on 16th September 2022 at the London Fashion Week. A special event was accompanied by food and drinks, which were all sourced from sustainable brands. It was indeed a different kind of attraction to the viewers.

As per the British Fashion Council, there will be no after-party celebrations this year due to the passing away of Queen Elizabeth. Though the event is being held, several events have been rescheduled due to the mourning period and the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, which is on the 19th of September.

Beyond Retro – What is the Brand About?

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro | Hermagic

Beyond Retro is a brand that believes that vintage and second-hand clothing can be a thing for the future of fashion. With so many choices, it is possible to have a more sustainable wardrobe.

Beyond Retro strives to create a revolution in the fashion industry by uplifting the concept of sustainability. While we do not know what holds in the future, it is essential to adapt to the changes while being a part of this industry.

A massive pile of textile and clothing ends up in landfills, causing pollution. Beyond Retro aims to minimize this as much as possible. The company has successfully reused millions of items. However, they could reach only 10% of the entire textile that is being dealt with in Europe.

Events of Beyond Retro at London Fashion Week 2022

Events of Beyond Retro at London Fashion Week 2022

Events of Beyond Retro at London Fashion Week 2022 | Hermagic

Talking about London Fashion Week 2022, Beyond Retro gifted an Eco-friendly gift bag to all the attendees. It was a sweet gesture on the brand’s part to encourage and inform people of the importance of sustainability, reusability, and eco-friendliness while maintaining fashion norms. They also had drinks for all those who attended.

On the 17th of September, we can expect to see the competition launched by Beyond Retro. The competition includes creating and snapping the best fashion week outfits in-store and then posting and tagging the brand on Instagram. The brand believes in reclaiming and reusing as much as possible, which they want to reflect through their works.

One can win over 1000 Euro vouchers for a sustainable winter wardrobe. Following the event, weekend giveaways will be provided. Customers can grab a chance to win prizes at the store by spinning the sustainable fashion wheel.

The next round of events at London Fashion Week will have displays by Xu Zhang, Collin Horgan, Andrej J Gronau, and many more. Stay tuned to get all the live updates about London Fashion Week 2022!


London fashion week is to be held how many times a year?
London Fashion week will be held twice a year during February and September.

Where is the London Fashion Week being held in 2022?
The London Fashion Week for 2022 will be held at Somerset House, 180 The Stand, London, with different shows at various locations across the British Capital.

Has the London fashion week of 2022 been canceled due to the Queen's death?
The London Fashion Week of 2022 has not been canceled. As per the director of the event, though big fashion brands and designers did pull out at the last moment, it is not possible for smaller brands to do so. As it takes a lot of commitment and hard work, the event has not been canceled to support these fashion workers.

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