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London Fashion Week 2022: Highlights of the Launch Event

London Fashion Week 2022

London Fashion Week 2022 | Hermagic

London Fashion Week 2022 has been the most awaited event for all fashionistas. It is where all brands and designers meet up to showcase their talent and discuss business. LFW is held twice yearly – once in February and another time in September. The trade show is not open to the public and is an invite-only event.

This year London fashion week 2022 began its line of events on the 16th of September when models held a picture of Queen Elizabeth to pay tribute to the late monarch. Every fashionista paid their respect during this period of national mourning. The BFC has requested brands and designers to avoid celebrating after the event. Instead, the council suggested an October celebration of London Fashion, wherein the capital will be the most fashionable and creative.

Guidelines of the BFC

As per the BFC, all the events of the LFW would continue to be held during the mourning period while following the royal protocol and paying tribute to the late queen, who passed away on the 8th of September.

Are the Events for 19th September Postponed?

However, all the events supposed to be held on Monday, 19th of September, have been postponed because of the Queen’s funeral. It has been rescheduled for a different date.

Which Brands Have Pulled Out of the LFW?

We have seen more prominent brands such as Rif Simons and Burberry pull out of the event of this season, but it is a little difficult for smaller labels to do so.

The Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council stated that the part of the event where the designers present their collections in front of the international media, stylists, and retailers is already a part of the fashion calendar and is not possible to reschedule.

London Fashion Week is a platform for creativity and talent. It is where independent businesses can expand or network. This decision was made to support such businesses and designers’ hard work, talent, and commitment.

How were the Condolences Planned at the LFW?

London Fashion Week is planning to present its condolences to the late Queen Elizabeth with a book of condolences and one-minute silence on Sunday at 8 pm, just before the show begins at 8 pm. The mourning will be held right before the Christopher Kane show.

How did Daniel Fletcher Pay Tribute to the Queen?

On Thursday evening, Daniel W. Fletcher paid tribute to the late Queen by holding a minute of silence before sending out his first model in a black suit and armband. They took this decision as they were opening the event.

Highlights- London Fashion Week 2022

Daniel W Fletcher

Daniel W Fletcher

Daniel W Fletcher | Hermagic

Daniel Fletcher presented the “Stand and Deliver” collection at SS23, an amalgamation of braveness and respect. Everyone was waiting for the inaugural show. Daniels’s design reflected the spirit and culture of London.



Sohuman | Hermagic

Similarly, Spanish brand Sohuman ended Friday’s line of events with their models presenting a look of grief and sorrow through their eye makeup smeared while holding a picture of Elizabeth. They also had drawings of crowns and “RIP” written on their hands.

Noon by Noor

Noon by Noor

Noon by Noor | Hermagic

The collection of Noon by Noor was terrific as it focuses on the importance of fashion, its adaptability, and how even with a disability, it is possible to embrace fashion.

Javier Aparci

Javier Aparci

Javier Aparci | Hermagic

Javier Aparci’s beautiful collection of dresses caught our eyes. The bold floral prints and bold shades were something new. They showcased the importance of color and the need to empower women with more colors and florals to encourage them and infuse them with a lot of energy and a positive attitude.

Bora Aksu

Bora Aksu

Bora Aksu | Hermagic

Turkish designer Bora Aksu had his event at around noon. He held a minute’s silence before the show. His unique designs included frill and feministic outfits and a collection of military-style jackets and hats.

Edward Crutchley

Edward Crutchley

Edward Crutchley | Hermagic

Edward Crutchley launched their collection of 18th-century gowns. It expressed different affairs and beauty across the board, while Fall 2022 was a kind of kinky affair with lace underwear, leather, and a range of jewels combined on camp couture.

Her entire collection was inspired by Greek mythology with ethereal silhouettes, blocks of metallic silver, and holographic iridescent that engulfed the body. In some cases, her designs left people with a little more imagination.

The first look of the Harris Reed collection was a complete work of sequins. A lot of traditional feminine symbols were projected through the designs. This included corsets, headdresses, and crinolines.


The first day of the London Fashion Week was a grand success, with top designers and buyers from around the world witnessing the fantastic collection of Spring Summer 2023 with top models walking on the ramp with the most stylish designer wear embellished with jewelry. The audience witnessed exclusive womenswear, menswear, kidswear & accessories at the excellent ramps with catwalks from tremendous designers and their themes like Noor, Bethany Williams, Leo Carlton, Sohuman, Temperley London, Paul Costelloe, Sarah Regensburger, Bora Aksu, Fashion East, Harry, Edward Crutchley, Poster Girl, Mark Fast, Helen Kirkum, KNWLS, Paria/Farzaneh, Chopova Lowena, Jasmine SS22 Catwalk, Mishus Spring Summer 2023 & Tran Hung.


How can one get an invitation to the London Fashion Week 2022?

Usually, one needs to be invited to the London Fashion Week. If you are an influencer, celebrity, or a blogger, you can apply by contacting the relevant designer’s press contact and emailing them why you should be allowed to attend.

Who attends the London Fashion Week Show?

The general public is not allowed to attend the trade show. Unless you are a designer, celebrity, or press person, attending the London Fashion Week event is impossible.

What is the purpose of conducting London Fashion Week?

London Fashion week is conducted twice a year – once in fall and once in summer. Designers present their summer and fall collections to retailers, stylists and buyers. It is a trade show meant for the fashion industry.

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