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LFW 2022: PUMA X ASOS – Teverus Nitro Launch


PUMA X ASOS | Hermagic

The London Fashion Week is being held from 16th to 20th September in London. Even though the schedule and programme for the same has been affected by the death of Queen Elizabeth II, they have made sure they carry on the programme while paying their respects and honouring the Queen.

They cancelled their show on 19th September in order to pay their respect to Queen Elizabeth II because her funeral was held on 19th September. London Fashion Week has also made sure all parties and celebrations are either cancelled or postponed till the coming months.

Who funds London Fashion Week?

The London Fashion Week is funded by the London Development Agency and the whole event is managed by the British Fashion Council.

Who invented the London Fashion Week?

The London Fashion Week was initiated by the British Fashion Council in October 1983. In the beginning, London Fashion Week took help from the London Development Agency.


PUMA and ASOS, one of the best collaborations in the London Fashion Week took to the stage to introduce their new and fresh collection which they termed Teveris Nitro.

  • The best part about this collaboration was that they gave an extremely important opportunity to 10 fashion students from different universities.
  •  PUMA X ASOS at the London Fashion Week gave them the responsibility to design exceptional and perfect modern luxe fits that individuals can wear alongside the new sneakers they designed.
  • The shows that they had on 19th and will have on 20th are open for the common individuals and they can come vote for their favorite look.
  • One of the lucky students will also win an amazing cash prize for the same.

Their products: 

1. PUMA X ASOS Teveris Nitro Trainers 

Teveris Nitro Trainers

Teveris Nitro Trainers | Hermagic

  • The absolutely beautiful beige sneakers that are available at the official website of PUMA X ASOS will help you flaunt whatever outfit and look you wish to don. Perfect with a pair of cargos, or even boyfriend jeans, these sneakers will suit almost all colour combinations.
  • They are the new season’s MVP’s and have a lace up fastening.
  • They have a durable rubber outsole that gives maximum comfort and a feeling of relaxation.
  • The NITRO FOAM midsole provides the proper cushion that every sneaker should be having.
  • Care instructions: Wipe any dirt off with a sponge or a damp cloth.

2. PUMA X ASOS Blue and White 

Blue and White 

Blue and White | Hermagic

  • This gorgeous pair of Shoes with a low profile design is the perfect to rock a sporty or a chic athletic look.
  • It flaunts a durable rubber outsole and is carefully curated to have a textured grip threading.
  • The Nitro midsole makes these sneakers lighter than a feather, hence perfect to be worn on a daily basis without feeling tired.
  • It consists of a fabric mix of mesh and faux leather.
  • The design is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of monotonous sneakers.
  • Care instructions: Wipe the dirty parts with a sponge or a damp cloth.

3. PUMA X ASOS Khaki Green 

Khaki Green

Khaki Green | Hermagic

  • This versatile Khaki Green design is the perfect to pair with any sporty dress or outfit.
  • It instantly enhances the entire look because of the bright vibrant colour it flaunts.
  • You can pair it up with hoodies, joggers, cargos and what not.
  • Care instructions: Wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth or a sponge.

4. PUMA X ASOS gray trainers 

gray trainers 

Gray Trainers | Hermagic

  • The new season MVP’s offer the best accessory that you can don.
  • These gray trainers are versatile enough to be compatible with any and every outfit.
  • Pair it up with your dresses, jeans, cargos, shorts, skirts or any other outfit that you could mix and match.
  • The durable outsole provides comfort and a relaxing feeling to the person who wears it.
  • The EVA midsole has been very carefully curated to provide the maximum cushioning.
  • Care instructions: wipe off the dirt with a sponge or a damp cloth.

5. PUMA X ASOS black and silver 

black and silver 

Black and Silver | Hermagic

  • Leaving the best for the last, these gorgeous black and silver sneakers are one of the most versatile, fashionable and trendy sneakers that PUMA X ASOS has released.
  • They have a padded tongue and a cuff that provides maximum cushioning.
  • The rubber outsole has been designed to be durable and give comfort.
  • Care instructions: Wipe off any dirt or excessive dust with the help of a sponge or a damp cloth.


The new collection of PUMA X ASOS provides maximum comfort and was carefully designed to provide the most satisfaction for its customers.

Loved by all the designers and observers at the London Fashion Week, their new collection flaunts creativity and new designs.

From silver linings throughout the sneakers, to everyday wear gray and white sneakers, PUMA X ASOS has released it all.

These sneakers are apt and a must buy for all the sneaker heads and those who wish to experiment with new designs and new brand collaborations.


What sneakers has PUMA X ASOS released?

  • PUMA X ASOS has released many new sneakers including the:
  • Teveris Nitro trainers in the colour combination of blue and white.
  • Teveris Nitro trainers in shades of beige
  • Teveris Nitro trainers in Khaki Green
  • Teveris Nitro trainers in gray
  • Teveris Nitro trainers in black and white
When did PUMA X ASOS release the new collection?

  • PUMA X ASOS released their new collection during the London Fashion Week held from September 16th 2022 to September 20th 2022.
  • They collaborated on sneakers and accessories.
How did the London Fashion Week honour Queen Elizabeth II?

  • London fashion week cancelled their show on 19th September 2022 so that the individuals can honour the queen one last time during her last journey from Westminster Abbey to St. George’s Chapel.
  • They cancelled all the parties and celebrations or postponed them to a later date.
  • They held a two minute silence on 15th September 2022 to honour her majesty, the queen.

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