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Step by Step Guide to Laser Hair Removal

 Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal | Beauty | Hermagic

Smooth glowing skin can be your best feature, but there are a million things stopping us from flaunting our perfect skin and messing with our outfit plans. The biggest one of them being irritable and unflattering hair growth – from your face to your toes. And yes of course there are options for hair removal – waxing, shaving, epilating, creams, etc. But they all leave behind strawberry skin, wasted time and effort, and most importantly you will have to do it all over again before you know it.

So, what is stopping you from going for the most convenient option of hair removal available – laser hair removal and flaunting your Hermagic beauty?

Laser hair removal is mostly a painless process resulting in permanent freedom from the routine hassle of manually removing your bodily hair. There are professionals who assess in their process which is very easy to understand. The laser beams a series of short pulses onto the dermis level of the skin.

The constant heating of the skins causes permanent damage to hair follicles, preventing hair growth at the root level. Not to worry, laser hair removal leaves all the other skin cells perfectly untouched.

Undergoing the laser hair removal process should be an educated decision, and we are here to guide you through it. There are some pros and cons of getting a laser hair removal process done.

Razors & waxing

Razors & waxing | Beauty | Hermagic

Pros of Laser Hair Removal:

  1. Permanent solution or not?

    You can happily bid goodbye to all the razors and waxing appointments and wear as short a dress as you want, without worrying about stubble or post-removal acne.

  2. Individually tailored

    More often than not, not every hair removal method suits every skin type, as there are barely any accommodations. But not with laser hair removal, there are various wavelengths that can be adjusted to fit your skin and hair type.

  3. Less time consuming

    Hair removal

    Hair removal | Beauty | Hermagic

    Even though laser hair removal has some prerequisites, the real process is pretty rapid and efficient. Aftercare can also be enhanced by appropriate skin care products.

  4. Painless hair reduction

    After years of painful waxing, a permanent laser hair removal process is going to be a welcoming change. The laser leaves other skin cells untouched to assure no damage to the skin. People are often surprised by how much this process doesn’t hurt.

  5. Availability online and in market stores

    With its demand growing so much lately, laser hair removal packages are available very easily. Not just in clinics but there are also options for you to get your laser hair removal done in the comfort of your home.


Sunscream | Beauty | Hermagic

Cons of Hair Removal:

  1. Cost effectiveness

    Answering the most asked question of “how much does laser hair removal cost”, it can sometimes be a little expensive. Parts of the face can cost anywhere between 20-45 Pounds, while a full body one can go up to 1500 Pounds.

  2. Aftercare

    Even though the process might be hassle-free, the aftercare isn’t. Your skin is extremely sensitive after undergoing a laser hair removal treatment and exposure to sun, makeup or any outside influence needs to be avoided. Extreme care needs to be taken for at least 2 weeks after the procedure.

  3. Efficiency

    Laser hair removal is a great option but might not always be as effective as one would have hoped. Sometimes hair does not get detected, leading to patches of hair. If you can’t commit to the number of sessions required for best results, this option might not be for you.

  4. Side effects on skin

    There is no single way of hair removal that does not have side effects. This being a proper medical procedure, might have some serious ones such as itching, swelling, slight pain, tingling, numbness, and even discoloration of the skin around the treated area.

  5. Credibility and trust worthiness

    If done by anyone less than a trained technician, laser hair removal can leave burns or scars on the skin. Due to loose licensing in the field, there is always a need to double-check your technician’s credibility.

Having had a balanced insight into exactly what you and your skin are getting into, here is a list of places that offer hair laser removal in London, with great reviews and even better prices.

–          AW3® Allwhite Laser

–          Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre

–          Derma Revive Skin Clinic x Premier Laser & Skin Cannon St

–          Pulse Light Clinic

–          Simply Laser Hair Removal & Skin Clinic

–          The Angel Laser Clinic

–          Skin Perfection London

–          Skin Master UK – Laser Hair Removal Clinic

–          Premier Laser & Skin Clinic London- Fulham Broadway

With an effective and wisely chosen laser hair removal treatment, the plights of getting waxed will be long gone and you will be waving goodbye to razors in no time! Be sure to get trustworthy consultation before going under the laser to ensure a successful and hassle-free laser hair removal experience. Find the perfect treatment for yourself today!


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