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Seven Jacquemus Bags that are Serious Eye Candy

Jacquemus Bags

Jacquemus Bags | Hermagic

Whether you are dressing for a party, a weekend holiday, or a grand event, pairing the outfit with Jacquemus bags will make you look more stylish and luxurious. Jacquemus bags offer you a variety of stylish clutches, tiny bags, shoulder handhelds, and whatnot. Jacquemus bags are in trend and highly loved in the fashion world since their debut. These bags are famous for their artistic patterns, variety, and eye-catching experience. Some of the most popular trends from Jacquemus that are following around currently are mini and tote bags, which are highlighted below.

Many celebrities from the fashion world also love and follow Jacquemus bags, increasing their brand value even more. As Jacquemus bags are officially a thing in the fashion fraternity, we have come up with seven top designer bags from the brand that are serious eye candy. Scroll down below to know what is special about these seven Jacquemus bags.

List of 7 Best Jacquemus Bags

1. Le Panier Soleil Tote Bags

Le Panier Soleil Tote Bags

Le Panier Soleil Tote Bags | Hermagic

The tote bags are one of the Jacquemus brand’s most well-known designs. It is the most elegant wardrobe essential and is made up of a delightful combination of leather and rustic straw. These tote bags are an ideal choice to give you a simple, stylish look. As the design of the tote bags is straightforward, they can go with most of your outfits. The Jacquemus tote bags are perfect for a spring or summer outfit.

2. La Riviera Shoulder Bags

La Riviera Shoulder Bags

La Riviera Shoulder Bags | Hermagic

Most women prefer shoulder bags as they are timeless shapes that can never go out of trend. In this collection, the designer of the Jacquemus bags has introduced many fashionable handbag designs. The La Riviera Shoulder bag from Jacquemus gives you a professional look and features a fold-over flap with a shoulder strap. You can find many vivid leather tones and sporty straps in this collection, giving you a simple and inspirational look.

3. La Ceinture Carre Belt Bags

La Ceinture Carre Belt Bags

La Ceinture Carre Belt Bags | Hermagic

This collection from the Jacquemus brand is one of the most successful and popular categories. These belt bags feature a chic nod with the enduring belt bag trend, which has served the purpose of matching with trendiest designs. It has a gold-toned brand logo on the front flap and is made from calf leather. These belt bags can go with the newest shoe trends, designer accessories, and trendy jewelry designs. There is a large variety of shapes and textures available in this collection of belt bags, and you have a long list to choose from.

4. Jacquemus Micro Bags

Jacquemus Micro Bags

Jacquemus Micro Bags | Hermagic

As most women do not like to hold large-sized bags at events, these micro bags from Jacquemus have attracted much attention. These bags have the most comfortable size and dimension and are easy to carry, especially with heavy outfits. The micro bags from Jacquemus have become the definition of high-class design innovations and are one of the favorite trends for fashion influencers and other audiences.

5. The Cute Crossbody Bags

The Cute Crossbody Bags

The Cute Crossbody Bags | Hermagic

The fashion world is full of mini handbag trends. So, if you want to stand out in this trend, you can carry a cute little crossbody bag from Jacquemus with your comfortable and lightweight outfits. You can carry the bag with denim, floral dresses, crop top, and other casual outfits.

6. Pint-Sized Party Bags

Pint-Sized Party Bags

Pint-Sized Party Bags | Hermagic

Do you want a perfect bag for your grand birthday party? Well, your search ends here. These bags are specially designed collections for parties. They are tiny bags carved with rhinestones or Satin, giving you the most stylish and comfortable look for parties.

7. Top Handle Bags From Jacquemus

Top Handle Bags From Jacquemus

Top Handle Bags From Jacquemus | Hermagic

The top handle bags from Jacquemus have a classic shape that is expected to increase its demand over time. These bags give you the most subtle look and step up your fashion game. If you are searching for a bag that will not go outdated for a time, you can pick a top-handle bag from the brand, and it will not disappoint you.

The Bottom Line

Bags are a crucial piece of attire to emphasize. Women enjoy wearing several handbags with various outfits. However, it is challenging to choose the ideal handbag for you in a market crowded with renowned brands and variants. You may also follow several handbag bloggers online to learn more about the most recent trends and styling of your preferred brand.

The Jacquemus bags have a streamlined and sleek sense of design, which makes them the ideal option for achieving a trendy, fashionable, and distinctive appearance. It is one of the most iconic brands for buying fashionable handbags. You can pick your style from the ones listed above and make your fashion statement. As handbags and one of the most revealing accessories in your outfit, select the one that matches your overall look. The mini bags and tiny bags from Jacquemus are the latest trends you cannot miss. However, if you are still confused, you can also check the official website Hermagic for more references.


Do Jacquemus bags have resale value?
Yes, Jacquemus are worth their value and are sleek and functional. The trendiest collections of Jacquemus bags have an impressive resale value, such as mini bags or the top handle bags.

Is Jacquemus a good brand?
Yes, Jacquemus is one of the most iconic and well-trusted brands for buying fashionable and trendiest handbags.

When did Jacquemus's bags come out?
Jacquemus bags was started by Simon Porte, at the age of 19, in 2009. Since then, it has been a famous brand in the fashion world.

Is Jacquemus a leather?
Yes, the Jacquemus brand uses vegetable-tanned leather to make their bags.


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