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How To Look Stylish Each Day- 8 Easy Tips!

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you think of when it comes to planning your day?

  • Healthy breakfast
  • Morning Coffee
  • Quick yoga and gym session
  • What to wear for the day?

With so many questions in your mind, you have to take so many decisions including what to wear for the day so that you can not only make an impact but also stay comfortable the whole day. What if we offload some of your pressure and give you some handy styling tips so that you can come across a stylish, chic and yet dress aptly for the occasion?

We understand that getting dressed in the morning can be challenging but what if we say we can make it fun and energising? When you enjoy dressing in the morning you set up a positive tone for the entire day, and don’t you want that?

When you enjoy dressing up and love the clothes you endorse for the day, it reflects in your personality. You come across as someone who is confident and loves to take care of yourself. Yes, dressing well gives you an ego boost and prepares you for the day.

So it is no wonder your clothes can make or break your day. A horrible outfit can reduce your confidence and put you in a bad mood. The vice versa is also true. So you can’t discount the perks of dressing well. But how to style yourself to make the maximum impact while staying comfortable in your second skin?

8 tips to look stylish each day

How To Look Stylish Each Day- 8 Easy Tips!

How To Look Stylish Each Day- 8 Easy Tips!

No matter how good your clothes are and what brand you have shopped them from, if they do not fit you properly, everything is a waste. No one likes ill-fitted clothes as they make you look unkept and funny. So the first step is to go for the right fit- not too tight and not too loose.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that if your clothes are intentionally ill-fitted as you are donning that baggy look, it is perfectly fine.

You can buy trendy and fashionable clothes online as per your style and fit, but if they are the right fit or not, it is something only you have to decide.

 Shop the latest outfits from M&Co

Shop The Latest Outfits From M&Co

2. Choose comfortable clothes

Stylish clothes are not always comfortable and there is a fine trade-off you have to make when it comes to buying comfortable yet trendy clothes. I personally feel your clothes should be comfortable enough otherwise they will keep lying in your wardrobe. It is a fact that we wear the same set of clothes again and again because they are comfortable.

Shop the best fits yet comfortable from M&Co

Shop The Best Fits Yet Comfortable From M&Co

3. Use the right colour combination 

Make sure your top wear and bottom wear match the style and colour. They should not be of two colours that do not go together. Also, make sure that your shoes go perfectly well with the colours of your clothes.

Also, choose colours as per the occasion like bold and bright colours for the day, basic colours for the office and subtle and shiny colours for the evenings. The colour of your clothes reflects your mood and also your attitude.

One tip is that when you are feeling sad, do not wear black or blue, instead wear some peppy colour to the life you up. Clothing and its colours can enhance your mood so use it to the best. Also, make sure to match the colour of your clothes with your skin tone and hair colour.

Get the best combinations from the M&Co

Get The Best Combinations From The M&Co

4. Does the entire outfit complement your personality?

One way to look stylish is to wear clothes that complement and supplement your overall personality and not vice versa. A good style and pair of clothes will accentuate your personality and not do the opposite. Also, you should evaluate your clothes on the basis of how does it make you appear: shorter or taller, fat or lean, and then finalise your final outfit.

Get your favourites now

Get Your Favourites Now

5. Always finish your look with something that is your personal style

Everyone should have a signature style of their own and it may take several years to realise that. But once you discover your favourite and personal signature look, you should never shy away from donning the same.

Style yourself with M&Co

Style Yourself With M&Co

6. Shop smartly

Shopping is an art, and picking the right clothes is art too. Buy the best clothes that you love. Do not overstock the pieces that are not your style or are not comfortable. Otherwise, they will do no better than lying in your closet. In fact, you should invest in apparel that you love so that you can mix and match them often and level up your fashion game.

Shop Smartly

Shop Smartly

7. Add accessories

When you add accessories, you immediately start to look different. Sometimes, you are not in the mood to flaunt that Avant-Garde look, so how to pep up your basic look? The answer is adding accessories like belts, chains, earrings, pendants, broaches and whatnot.

Add on the best accessories to your outfit with M&Co

Add On The Best Accessories To Your Outfit With M&Co

8. Mix patterns and textures

Your clothes are fabric, colour and textures, and when paired right, they can enhance your entire look, making you a head turner. Start small and mix textures and patterns till the time you figure out what goes best with your personality. It will take a few iterations and many months, but once you discover you can do wonders with your clothes.

Last but not least one of the best tips we want to give you is to keep your closet organized and neat. Once you keep it near and well organized, you can find your favourite clothes easily without much effort. This way you can dress to your best.

We at M&Co strive to bring the highest quality fashion, trendy designs and a wide selection of apparel for men, women, kids and babies at your doorstep. We are a fast fashion brand and welcome you all to come and have a look at our wide selection of clothes, sunglasses, and accessories.

We hope this style guide helped you in finding your answers and help you look stylish and neat. Happy dressing!

Get your favourites now

Get Your Favourites Now

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5 Tips To Look Your Best!

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