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Home Decor

Top Home Accessories Picks from M&Co Home Sale 2023

Home Accessories

Home Accessories | Hermagic | M&Co

We all know the popular saying, “home is where the heart is.” And the heart goes where it feels at peace, where more will it feel at peace than a place it has fabricated for itself? Home décor is an essential part of any house – not just for the pleasing aesthetics but also because your home should be your own space – a place you feel comfortable coming back to after a long day. So, design your own bubble exactly how you want it – classy or quirky, with a pop of colour or all sober, M&Co has got you covered with great deals no matter what your taste. You can decorate your space from the ground up if you have just moved into a new home. Or revamp your already existing one – all at pocket friendly prices. To make it easier for you to choose from the store’s wide range of products, we here at Hermagic have put together a list of our top picks from the M&Co home décor sale.

 Top Home Accessories products to buy from the M&Co sale:

1. Pom Pom Trim Duvet Set

Pom Pom Trim Duvet Set

Pom Pom Trim Duvet Set | Hermagic | M&Co

Comfortable, soft beddings are essential to get a good night’s sleep. This pom-pom detailed duvet set is sure to freshen up your bedroom. It is crafted from 100% cotton for a deep sleep while the detailed work brings character to any room. It is available in various sizes to suit your needs, all with a thread count of 200 – making sure you get the perfect cocoon to snuggle into every night for a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. The monochrome white fits seamlessly into any bedroom – giving you both aesthetics and comfort. This is a to-be-picked from the M&Co sale bedding range.

2. Colour Block Cushion

Colour Block Cushion

Colour Block Cushion | Hermagic | M&Co

Every living space needs a pop of colour – be it your bedroom, living room or even a home office, a cute cushion on the chair never did anyone any harm. Add a conversational piece to your home with this intricate block print cushion. Made with recycled polyester, it is available in two unique designs so you have a pick to what suits you best. This square cushion is curated from a soft fabric and features a colour block design. It is available in a multi block print pattern as well as a solid blue colour – take your pick from the M&Co home sale!

3. Floral Print Mug

Floral Print Mug

Floral Print Mug | Hermagic | M&Co

Essentially considered kitchenware, this beautiful floral printed ceramic mug available in the M&Co online catalogue should not be kept hidden in the shelves. It can be used as a key holder, pen stand, make-shift box for small trinkets, etc. It’s all about perspective! You can even fill it with potpourri and make it a scented show piece which will keep your house smelling floral fresh! And of course, multiple pieces of this blue handled beauty can make for a beautiful crockery set to serve tea or coffee in. The perfectly contrasting blue and yellow vase design gives it a soft vintage look – perfect for any home.

4. Tufted Family Cushion

Tufted Family Cushion

Tufted Family Cushion | Hermagic | M&Co

This velvety rectangle pillow in a rich plum shade will make the cutest addition to your living room. It is made from a soft velour fabric and features a tufted edge detailing – making it your favourite cuddle buddy. It adds a very homely look to your living room with the “family” slogan in the front. Products like these really make a house a home.

5. Spot Toothbrush Holder

Spot Toothbrush Holder

Spot Toothbrush Holder | Hermagic | M&Co

Why should the living rooms and bedrooms have all the fun? These range of Spot bathroom accessories give your bathroom a fancy look too. This toothbrush holder for instance is an easy replacement for your flaky old plastic stand. Its pink base and white and block spot design with a glossy finish will brighten up any counter. This design also comes in a soap dish, soap dish, soap dispenser and plunger holder. Grab the whole set from the M&Co sale and give your bathroom layout the organisation it needs.

Have we convinced you to re-decorate your home yet? It will not get more budget friendly than this. Browse for these gorgeous pieces and more on the website and avail their exciting deals and consumer friendly policies now!


Does M&Co provide free delivery?
Yes, M&Co provides free delivery on UK orders over 50 Pounds.

Is there a sale on other products as well?
Yes, there is a sale on men, women and children apparel, as well as a special back to school sale going on. Check out the website to know more

Does the home décor sale have bathroom accessories?
Yes, the home décor sale section does carry bathroom accessories like a soap dish, plunger holder, soap dispenser, etc.

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