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Best Hiking Boots for Women to Carry to Top Hiking Destinations

Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots | Hermagic

Hiking may mean anything from a 20-minute stroll through the woods to a seven-night journey across Iceland, which is why there is no single perfect hiking shoe. Some boots are grippy and lightweight enough to pass for trail runners, while others are built with waterproof materials and incredibly gripping outsoles to tackle the most difficult nighttime terrain.

We’ve whittled the options down to 19 hiking boots and shoes that should appeal to all types of travelers—mellow day-trippers, mile-crushing trekkers, and even indoor kitties who might not consider walking a holiday.

Best Hiking Boots for Women

Hiking shoe Danner Trail 2650 Campo

Hiking shoe Danner Trail 2650 Campo

Hiking shoe Danner Trail 2650 Campo | Hermagic

Danner produces one of our favorite traditional hiking boots, the Mountain Light Cascade but it’s far from their only good-looking model. The Campo is excellent for situations when you know you’ll be going on a walk or two and want something tougher than a sneaker but don’t have the room to pack a large boot. These are the best hiking boots for women and are ideal for excursions to the Southwest, Southern California, or the Caribbean.

Merrell Moab 2

Merrell Moab 2

Merrell Moab 2 | Hermagic

The Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof hiking boots rescued Meg Reinhardt’s feet in the rainy Alaskan wilderness, according to the former Traveler editor and resident outdoor explorer.

Merrell’s unique M Select Dry material keeps water out while allowing moisture to escape, while a protective rubber toe cap offers further protection and a high-traction sole gives you a better grip on wet hiking trails.

Other advantages of the Moab include good arch support (important for persons with flat feet) and a low price. These are the best hiking boots for women to go on moderate hikes like HADRIAN’S WALL PATH.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus 

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus | Hermagic

These hiking boots are for all the inside kids—those of us who don’t enjoy being outside but are prepared to go on a day trek (or two) for the sake of a vacation. You need a pair of hiking boots, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, and you don’t need anything too high-tech because you don’t intend to tackle any difficult terrain. The Columbia Newton Ridge is your best bet—lightweight, it’s quick to break in, and one of the cheapest alternatives available.

Keen Targhee III waterproof hiking boot

Keen Targhee III waterproof hiking boot

Keen Targhee III waterproof hiking boot | Hermagic

The Targhee III is a beloved hiking brand, with grippy soles ready to tackle anything from brisk stream crossings to hikes along Yosemite granite, as well as an oiled nubuck leather upper that stays supple while also providing much-needed ankle support. This is the pair Rue Mapp, creator of Outdoor Afro and author of the book Nature Swagger, usually wears when she’s “working with slippery or muddy terrain, damp circumstances, or small rivers.” These best hiking boots for women are best suitable for long hikes in the UK such as Scafell pile, and Lake District.

Oboz Bridger mid waterproof hiking boot

Oboz Bridger mid waterproof hiking boot

Oboz Bridger mid waterproof hiking boot | Hermagic

Are you planning a multi-day backpacking trip this summer?

The Bridger Mid Waterproof boots are the ones to have on your feet. The Bridger Mid, the flagship shoe of Bozeman manufacturer Oboz, provides critical ankle support and a robust heel cup to appropriately protect your feet when schlepping a large pack up and down mountain passes.

It, like the Arete Low, will provide the grip you need on rough terrain, with a more aggressive outsole for longer journeys. These are the best hiking boots for women suitable for a hike like Glasgow To The Highlands.

Vasque Breeze LT NTX hiking boot

Vasque Breeze LT NTX hiking boot

Vasque Breeze LT NTX hiking boot | Hermagic

In 2020, I embarked on a year-long adventure to visit every National park in the United States, and Vasque’s Breeze LT NTX accompanied me for 90% of the way. When you first put it on, the lightweight boot feels like a trail runner, with no break-in time and good mesh venting on the sides for those sunny, warm days spent trudging through Joshua Tree or the Great Smoky Mountains.

In addition, unlike a trail runner, the Breeze LT provides solid, no-chafe ankle support to keep you from rolling over rough terrain. These best hiking boots for women are suitable for long hikes like


A nice pair of hiking boots or trail runners are an excellent addition to your hiking gear list. They are also, in all honesty, your finest hiking investment. Choose the hiking boots that best fit your demands from the alternatives shown above. For more information about the best hiking boots for women visit the official website of Hermagic.


What is the best hiking or trekking shoes to wear?
The optimal hiking shoes must give the wearer comfort and protection while being flexible and lightweight. So, selecting the best hiking boots for women depends on comfort and personal preference.

What is the distinction between hiking shoes and trekking shoes?
Trekking is a harder sport than hiking and requires boots designed for tough terrain. Hiking boots are often more waterproof and heavier than trekking boots.

How do you wash waterproof hiking boots?

Cleaning gels can be used to clean waterproof hiking shoes.

Never wear shoes or use detergent.

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