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How to find a Kiosk to participate in the Draw and be a Mahzooz Winner


mahzooz | Hermagic

Buying a Mahzooz ticket with cash is a safe and dependable option. You can purchase a ticket with cash through in-store or kiosk services. You can get in-store services by visiting their store. In the case of in-store services, you request the ticket and pay in cash. They will also provide you with a receipt to validate your purchase. Following a successful purchase, you will be able to view the Mahzooz draw results on Saturday at 9 p.m.

The Kiosk, on the other hand, is a method of purchasing a ticket using a credit card. When given the choice of paying with cash or a credit card, choose cash and follow the steps outlined above.

What exactly is Mahzooz?

Mahzooz is the UAE lottery, with weekly Mahzooz Winners; if you’re lucky, you’ll win. A Mahzooz ticket costs 35 AED, including a water bottle, and every purchase benefits a humanitarian charity.


Mahzooz | hermagic

How do you play Mahzooz in a kiosk to be a Mahzooz Winner?

To make a Kiosk entry or be a Mahzooz winner, perform the following:

  • Choose the language by selecting the Mahzooz icon on the screen.
  • Select whether you are new or returning.
  • After you’ve verified your phone number, enter it and press the confirm button.
  • If you select a new customer, you must provide personal information, click submit, then enter the one-time password you will get on your mobile device.
  • You will get a confirmation message after entering the code.
  • Continue by adding credits.
  • Select the number of items you wish to purchase.
  • For each ticket, choose five numbers.
  • Choose the raffle date you want to participate in.
  • Click the checkout button.
  • You will receive an email with your purchase invoice attached.

How Do You Get Your Winnings?

Isn’t it always a good idea to have a backup plan in case you suddenly become a millionaire? Everyone has a bucket list, whether it’s for a beloved automobile, a dream house, or a world trip. However, there are a few things you should know. Here’s how you get your hands on the grand prize!

  • To gain access to your account, enter your login information.
  • Go to ‘My Account,’ then ‘Balance Summary/Total Balance.’
  • Then choose ‘Transfer/Withdraw‘.
  • You now have two choices as Mahzooz winner.
  • For starters, you can use your wins to purchase credit. You may accomplish this by choosing Transfer All Winnings.
  • You cannot refund your earnings once they have been transferred. 
  • You may also withdraw your winnings by entering the amount and selecting the withdrawal method.
  • You will next be required to submit the relevant withdrawal details.
  • You will get the confirmation on your phone
  • If you do not withdraw your winnings within 60 days, they will be credited to your credit balance automatically. 
  • So remember to stick to the regulations.
    Get your winnings to mahzooz

    Get your winnings to mahzooz | hermagic

What are the entry requirements for Mahzooz?

So, because Mahzooz is legal, it is safe to assume that it adheres to UAE norms and laws; below is a list of prerequisites for entering Mahzooz:

  • You can participate in such drawings without breaking any restrictions in your home country.
  • Any participant from a sanctioned or embargoed country is not permitted to participate.
  • Any participant is a Mahzooz manager, subordinate of the manager, or shareholder.
  • You cannot be an insurance agent, a draw manager, or a government representative.
  • You cannot be a third-party consultant or a contractor hired by the manager to work on gaining insurance access, auditing processes related to the draw or security, or even a relative of such a person.

Is the Mahzooz Winner taxed in Dubai?

 Although the UAE is a tax-free country, we recommend that you consult with a specialized, well-known, and trusted lawyer to guarantee that everything goes smoothly. Furthermore, if you are an ex-pat, you may be subject to additional rules based on your home country. Participate in the drawing and watch as you could be the next millionaire! Check out the stories of an Indian man who won ten million Dhs and a Dubai driver who won fifty million Dhs! Isn’t it crazy?! 

Is the Mahzooz Winner taxed in UAE

Is the Mahzooz Winner taxed in UAE | hermagic


That concludes our guide to Mahzooz (Emirates Loto), also known as Mahzooz Emirates Loto by some. Because of the one-of-a-kind character of Mahzooz’s draw, you know that whether you win or lose, your money will benefit those in need. 

So, even if your money account does not increase, you may rest comfortably knowing that you did a nice thing. The Mahzooz weekly lucky draw is a life-enriching project that strives to help individuals. Join the lucky draw by obtaining your ticket through the method that is most convenient for you. For the required information to be a Mahzooz Winner go to Hermagic’s official website.


I do not live in the United Arab Emirates. Can I participate in the draw?
You certainly can. However, due to money laundering restrictions, the big prize earnings will only be sent to a UAE bank account. The second prize money can be deposited into any bank account.
How can i get in touch with mahzooz customer support?
In the UAE, dial their toll-free number +971-800-5825. Call +971-4-588-0100 if you live outside the UAE. for more information visit the official website of Hermagic.
Is Mahzooz a reputable service?
Yes, it is a legitimate registered service; it is the same as the Emirates logo but has been rebranded as Mahzooz.
Where can you get the draw results?
Every Saturday at 9 p.m., you may watch the draw on their Facebook page, and they also announce it on their official websites; you can also view prior draws and get to know former Mahzooz winners.
Is there any other type of lucky draw in Dubai?
Aside from Mahzooz, there are a few other lucky drawings in Dubai that you can participate in. Popular possibilities include the Dubai Duty-Free Raffle and the Big Ticket. There is also the possibility of becoming a Mashreq Millionaire. Take a chance and try your luck. Who knows when the stars may align and you’ll become a billionaire!

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