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File Transfer Protocol (FTP): A Reliable And Secure Way To Move Files

File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol | Hermagic

With everything in digital mode, the internet has become a major tool through various processes. From simple coding to selling online, the internet and its apps and software make access easy and trouble-free. When it comes to important, confidential, and other files which are part and parcel of work and more, there are different file transfer protocols used to carry out the same. It is ideal to understand what each file transfer protocol brings to the table to ensure that you’re using the right software and getting efficiency along with security.

All about different file transfer protocols:

1. Filezilla


Filezilla | Hermagic

FileZilla is a commonly used file transfer protocol to transfer various types of files, including larger ones, across the server. You can manage and store your files in an organized manner using FileZilla, and there is no charge. The General Public License provides this file transfer protocol tool for free, and there is much to do. Right from uploading, sharing, managing, storing, and more, all your files can be handled with this perfect tool. With the highlighted feature of a secure file transfer protocol, FileZilla is the ideal tool for quick and hassle-free file transfers. Simply install the app, add your credentials, and get started!

2. Dreamweaver

Deserving of the title of the best file transfer protocol is Adobe’s Dreamweaver. Ideal for everything revolving around the web, including website creation and file transfer protocol, this software is one of the most creative, safe, and highly recommended ones to pick. You can opt for a 30-day trial before purchasing a plan to learn and see how this tool is the best for transferring your files. Adobe Dreamweaver allows you to choose between a local and a remote server and allows the transfer of multiple files simultaneously. With an easy-to-use interface, outstanding features, and a smooth working process, your file transfers couldn’t get easier than with this file transfer protocol tool.

3. iWeb


iWeb | Hermagic

Everyone knows Apple but may not be aware of its file transfer protocol tool, the iWeb. Designed for creating websites, this software is the most effortless one to use when it comes to websites. You can easily create and maintain your website, and in addition to that, you can access a file transfer protocol that is quick, smooth, and flexible. While there are many versions of the iWeb, it is best to download the newer versions, which have updated features and are quicker in terms of speed. Also, it is easier to use the newer versions, starting from version 3 of the iWeb, than others. With a few simple steps, you are good to go and get your files published in an instant.

4. Windows Explorer

If you have a Windows PC, you can enjoy using a web-based file transfer protocol that is all the more hassle-free than the software. Often, it becomes a tedious task to manage certain file transfer protocol tools after some time. To add to this, many are not available for free, and from those which do not have a cost, their features and speed aren’t as great. That’s when web-based file transfer protocols come to the rescue. They are better, updated, and easy to use and can be used as per your requirement and need. With the help of your Windows PC and an IP address, you can transfer your files instantly!

5. Anonymous File Transfer Protocol

Anonymous File Transfer Protocol

Anonymous File Transfer Protocol | Hermagic

Anonymous file transfer protocol, as the name suggests, is one where you don’t have to worry about identity and credentials. This is mostly used for files to be shared with multiple users. It allows people to freely access your file for their use. Using cPanel or Plesk, you can easily create your anonymous File transfer protocol account and get started. Using simple steps and processes, you can access and share files anonymously. A truly anonymous file transfer protocol is also recommended for businesses that have products to sell or share. While there is less security in this file transfer type, it is ideal if you create something for worldwide or large-scale access.

6. Other file transfer protocol

You can use various other file transfer protocol tools; there are many. It is ideal to consider your requirements and file type before selecting the same. Other options include secure file transfer protocol, advanced file transfer protocol, and others. These are used for more confidential files and documents between internal teams or companies and are not to be shared with the public. Many tools offer secure file transfer protocols, but others are more basic and meant for general transfers. Ensure you’re aware of the tool you choose, its features, and its security.


There is much other software to consider when choosing a file transfer protocol tool. These include iWeb, XSitePro, and others. Choose the best tool that works for your requirement and get started. You can check out more about File Transfer Protocols on HostGator. Be sure to follow Celebzero for updated content on software, travel, electronics, recommendations, and more. Check out Hermagic for more information.


Does HostGator use FTP?
Yes, HostGator allows you to transfer files across the web using FTP. You can easily create an account and manage the same for efficient and quick file transfers on HostGator.
Does HostGator support SFTP?
HostGator is one of the applications that supports SFTP. This means you can quickly and securely transfer files using HostGator without a hassle.
How to create FTP HostGator?
To create an FTP on HostGator, you simply have to select an FTP tool per your preference, use the IP address, and set up an account.


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