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Everything about Queen Elizabeth II: Biography

(21.04.1926 – 08.09.2022)

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Born to King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on 21st April 1926, in Mayfair, London Elizabeth Alexandra Mary had the royal blood running in her veins since her first breath. When her uncle, Edward VIII, gave up the throne, becoming the only sovereign to willingly do so in British history, the law of ‘rex nunquam moritur’ activated – the king never dies – and Edward’s little brother, Albert Frederick Arthur George, became King George VI. He ruled with character, normalness and modesty. He ruled the country through the Second World War but eventually the stress of the war took over the King’s sound health, leading to his death by lung cancer in February 1952.

Why Queen Elizabeth II took the Throne instead of her mother?

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth (Mother)

Following her father’s demise, the elder sister, Elizabeth II was a Kenya at the time and got pushed into becoming the first sovereign in over 200 years to be acceded abroad at the young age of 25 years. Her mother became the Queen Mother to avoid confusion and lived to the golden age of 101. While Elizabeth took up duties to justify the throne, ever since her coronation on 2nd June 1953, her younger sister brought unwanted attention and controversies to the Royal Family with a string of affairs and other frivolous activities. She too, like her father passed away of lung cancer in 2002.

Marriage of Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip



After a while of handling the country alone, she married Prince Philip Mountbatten, the former prince of Greece and Denmark, and their marriage lasted 73 happy years until his unfortunate demise in April 2021. Over the course of their marriage, they gave birth to four lovely children who became the apples of the nation’s eyes: Charles III; Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Andrew, Duke of York; and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. While being a great mother, Her Majesty The Queen reigned the nation as a constitutional monarchy through various politically turbulent times such as the troubles in Northern Ireland, devolution in the United Kingdom, the decolonisation of Africa, and the United Kingdom’s accession to the European Communities and withdrawal from the European Union.

Queen’s Children, Grand-Children & Great Grand-Children

Children, Grand Children

Children, Grand Children

The Royal family grew under the watchful eye of Queen Elizabeth II and was blessed with 8 grandchildren and 12 great grand-children. While some married into royal blood, others gave up their royal duties in the pursuit of love.

The Queen was not just the pride of The Great Britain but a global leader and one of the most popular monarchs in the world in today’s time. Her loss is mourned by not just the family or the country but condolences from all over the world, from global leaders as well as international organisations are pouring in. This overwhelming response is one last ode to what a natural born true royal leader Her Majesty The Queen was. She left her mark on world history by proving to be the strongest female leader the world has seen. Even though she was pushed into getting the crown, she owned up to it and proved to the world exactly why she was deserving of all of the power, love, fame and responsibilities that came with the crown.

Aftermath of Queen’s Death

Aftermath of Queen’s Death

Aftermath of Queen’s Death

Post The Queen’s death, an event the world wasn’t ready for, the crown will go to her eldest son, who will reign as King Charles III. The United Kingdoms will enter into 10 days of carefully scripted national mourning, marking the onset of “Operation London Bridge” – the Buckingham Palace officials have been planning for this since the 1960s, as a shock as big as this cannot be easy on a nation. The initial stages of the plan have already been played out – flags across the country are at half-mast, Footmen posted a notice of the Queen’s death on the palace gates, and BBC stations have spread the news to the world. This 10-day period will also mark the sealing of Prince Charles’ succession.

On the tenth day of the mourning, all businesses are expected to close as a mark of respect and the nation will observe two minutes of national silence at noon – all announcements will pause and vehicles will pull to the side of the road. The Queen’s body will be transported to Westminster Abbey for the funeral, where the Archbishop will deliver a sermon. Following that, 138 sailors will haul a gun carriage bearing the Queen’s coffin in a procession to Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth will be buried at St. George’s Chapel.

Our prayers are with the Royal Family and we hope her soul finds peace.

Rest in Power, Her Majesty the Queen.


Why does the Queen have 2 Birthdays?
The Queen has two birthdays due to the fact that the monarch’s birthday was celebrated on her actual date of birth in April, and also later on in the summer with a grand parade.

What are 5 interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth?

Some interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth are:

  •         Queen Elizabeth II was born at 2.40am on 21 April 1926.
  •         She was the longest reigning monarch ever in Britain.
  •         The Queen had two birthdays.
  •         The Queen’s birthplace is now a fancy Cantonese restaurant.
  •         The Queen first sent an email in 1976.
What is the real story of Queen Elizabeth?
The Queen was given the throne rather than her mother after her father died after reigning when his brother gave up the throne

What is Elizabeth II known for?
.Queen Elizabeth the second is known for being the longest reigning monarch in British history. She was Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealth realms. Her reign of 70 years and seven months, which began on 6 February 1952.

How was Queen Elizabeth II born?
.The Queen was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, on 21 April 1926, in Mayfair, London.

What is Queen Elizabeth's famous quote?
.One of Queen Elizabeth’s most famous quotes is "I cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice, but I can do something else – I can give my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the people of our brotherhood of nations.". 

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