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Deck Your Garden

Our dwelling reveals much about who we are. Isn’t that right? We no longer have to match our curtains to our furniture when it comes to decorating our homes and gardens. Home and garden decor for the modern woman is a form of political and personal expression.

The idea that our gardens are an extension of our personalities is widely held by many of us. From the plants you choose to the hedging you put up, your garden tells the world about your personality.

Your personality and views can be expressed through your garden’s decking. Read on to find out what piques your interest.

Decking with sloping surfaces

Sloped decking is a rare phenomenon, which is why it’s so exciting and intriguing to see it in action. A sloping deck adds visual interest to your garden, despite the difficulty of putting it together. Because of the elevated wooden platform, your plants will have plenty of room to breathe. An additional benefit of a sloped deck is that it affords you a great deal of seclusion.

Lights for the Deck

Make use of deck lighting that you can control if you have a limited budget.

Deck lights add a romantic glow to your outdoor dining space, making it the perfect spot for a candlelit dinner with your “someone special.” Solar garden lights can also help you save money and power.

Decks with Curves and Circular Shapes

Consider putting round and curved decking instead of sharp-edged decking to make your landscape stand out.

Curved or circular decking allows for easy access in and out of your garden, as well as dividing it into sections. Planting a garden on a circular or curved deck not only makes it look smoother, but it also gives your yard a more refined appearance.

Decks of Dark Wood

If you’d like to improve the curb appeal of your house and your yard at the same time, consider these ideas. Incorporate a dark wood deck into your outdoor space.

With light wood decks, you can simply repaint them darker or add patches so that your garden looks both cosy and rugged at the same time. As an added bonus, dark wood floors add a cosy, welcoming feel to any room.

We hope you were inspired by some of the decking ideas we’ve put together today. For ideas on what plants you could use around your house and yard, take a look at our lifestyle section.


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