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Daniel W. Fletcher: Stand and Deliver – LFW 2022

Daniel W. Fletcher lfw 2022| HERMAGIC

Daniel W. Fletcher lfw 2022| HERMAGIC

Established in 2015 by an extremely talented artist and designer, Daniel Fletcher, the Daniel W. Fletcher brand is one of a kind. With just two years into the industry, he was nominated for the LVMH prize and has gathered numerous accolades and appreciation under his belt.  With the title of “Drapers 30 under 30”, his shows are often the most awaited.

What awards has Daniel W. Fletcher won? 

Future British Award LFW 2022 |HERMAGIC

Future British Award LFW 2022 |HERMAGIC

From awards such as the Future British Award, to the European Final of the International Woolmark prize, he has won numerous awards.

How will Daniel W. Fletcher pay their respect to Queen Elizabeth?

All-black outfits in LFW 2022 | Hermagic

All-black outfits in LFW 2022 | Hermagic

He paid his respect to Queen Elizabeth II who we lost on 8th September, by opening his show with models wearing all-black outfits and mourning suits.

More about Daniel W. Fletcher LFW 2022:

Before the morning comes: 

  • The London Fashion Week of September 2022 was especially extremely important to Daniel W. Fletcher because he chose to pay homage to his father.
  • He did so through a mix of rock culture and childhood memories with his father.
  • He called it “before the morning comes”.

Stand and Deliver: 

  • Daniel W. Fletcher lfw 2022, proposed a combination that metamorphosed rebellion with respect.
  • They also paid homage to the entire royal family by incorporating many designs and outfits that complimented the royals.
  • Adding on, they created and showcased designs of the saville row inspired by none other than the Prince of Wales.
  • They also had numerous designs in the very fabrics that held the Londoners together – satin and faux fur.
  • Daniel W. Fletcher was dedicated towards providing the perfect corporate and office wear for the elites who love elegance as well as charm.
  • In Daniel W. Fletcher’s own words, he got his inspiration from the streets of London, he said that places such as Kings Road and Queens of Soho made this collection what it is today.
  • It was a collection that consisted of 33 different looks.
  • It is also being termed at the brand – Daniel W. Fletcher’s most sustainable collection till date.
  • This entire collection is extremely special because it is not only environmentally friendly but also fashionable.
  • The whole collection was created by using the deadstock material that was left over from the previous collections.
Daniel W. Fletcher at LFW 2022 | Hermagic

Daniel W. Fletcher at LFW 2022 | Hermagic

Daytime collection: 

  • For his daytime collection, his works complimented the formal work life of the individuals.
  • He introduced playful corsets, especially menswears, racing jackets and many more that flaunted his craftsmanship, direction and creativity.
  • Daniel W. Fletcher got his inspiration for his daytime collection from the hustle culture of Londoners. He focused on formals because he observed that the individuals who belong in the workforce take the hustle bustle of their lives extremely seriously and more often than not, express themselves through their outfits.
  • You can watch their collection and many more designs through the link attached below:

Night fall collection: 

  • Daniel W. Fletcher focused more on the darker sides of the world and especially London when he showcased his nightfall collection in the London Fashion Week 2022.
  • Anyone observing the show could realize that Daniel W. Fletcher puts his heart and soul to create the collection that flaunts the exquisite yet complicated nightlife of London.
  • He curated leather blazers that are perfect for night outs or late night traveling and to create a fashionable picture.
  • The brand produced satin cummerbunds that compliment a versatile waist width and allows the individual wearing it, an opportunity to feel their most confident.
  • What is London without its famous nightlife? Keeping this in mind, Daniel W. Fletcher created dresses embellished like the stars of our galaxies.

Accessories for Daniel W. Fletcher lfw 2022:

Daniel W. Fletcher Accessories| HERMAGIC

Daniel W. Fletcher Accessories| HERMAGIC

  • Daniel W. Fletcher lfw 2022, for the London Fashion Week collaborated with Marsell for footwear that both complemented the theme and added on to the many trends that this brand has already set.
  • For jewelry, Daniel W. Fletcher collaborated with the London based famous label called the Hatton Labs. Hatton Labs is known for mixing culture with contemporary and modern cutting edge technology to give its customers the best of both worlds.
  • For bags and purses, Fletcher went with Axel Arigato who creates bags and purses like backpacks, messenger bags, tote bags and more. Their creations focus on versatility and fashionable trends, therefore keeping their customers happy and satisfied.


A brand that was started only in 2015, Daniel W. Fletcher has won numerous accolades. When asked about his future plans, he replied he wanted to go global and is wishing this year’s event helps that to happen. For now, he is more focused on what more the brand can do and how much the brand can grow.

Read More About LFW 2022 at Hermagic.


Who is Daniel W. Fletcher?
A designer who won the second place in “next in fashion” 2020, he is the one who started the label “Daniel W. Fletcher”. He also showcased at this year’s London Fashion Week from September 15th – September 20th 2022.
What does Daniel W. Fletcher do?
With roots from north west of England, Daniel W. Fletcher is the brand owner of Daniel W. Fletcher which is a brand based in London. He took the advice and worked under world famous artists and designers such as Victoria Beckham, Burberry and even Lanvin.
Is Daniel W. Fletcher a unhisex brand?
While Daniel W. Fletcher is a contemporary menswear brand, it also has outfits that can give women the best chance to flaunt that oversized blazer.
How did Daniel W. Fletcher handle the Queen’s death?
Amongst chaos and sadness in London and many brands pulling the plug on the shows at the London Fashion Week, Daniel W. Fletcher was a ray of hope. He created an environment of homage, respect as well as spirited. By opening the show he made everyone realize that the best way to pay their respects is to keep the show going. 

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