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The Best Of Blue Dresses To Overcome All Morning Blues

blue dress

blue dress | Hermagic

Adorning a dress for a woman that is comfortable, durable and makes her feel confident is an extremely important task and a task that we have to have happily taken into our hands. Blue is a colour that is associated with freedom, inspiration, trust, loyalty, confidence and wisdom. A colour that has hundreds of shades and a colour that encourages a woman to feel her best, we have curated a list of 8 best blue dresses for you to choose from. 

Even in the fashion industry, blue is a colour that is not only widely experimented with but one that never goes out of fashion. Throughout the years, numerous celebrities have graced the red carpets feeling confident by wearing the colour blue. 

A blue dress is one that every woman must have in her closet. Blue is a versatile colour that suits every body shape and every complexion. So, why not have tons of blue dresses

Where does the blue colour originate from? 

In order to create true blue, one must mix the two colours called cyan with magenta. You can add or subtract any of the two to experiment with different shades. You can add white to make it lighter or add a little bit of black to make the overall shade look darker. 

What shade of blue is the shade of 2023? 

The shade called “periwinkle blue” is termed as the colour of the year. It is a light shade of blue that enhances inspiration and provides a sense of peace to the person looking at it. 

Hermagic has curated a list of 8 blue dresses to enter 2023 with: 

Having numerous shades of blue dresses encourages versatility and ensures that you have an outfit for every type of event. The right blue dress can make you feel confident and ensure comfort as well. 

We have curated a list of 9 best blue dresses from Urban Outfitters that every woman must have in her closet to look her best at every occasion.

1. Blue jumpsuit 

Blue jumpsuit 

Blue jumpsuit  | Hermagic

Starting with an outfit that is the most comfortable and versatile, the classic blue jumpsuit is a style that can never go out of fashion. Whether it be the jumpsuit that Rachel wore in F.R.I.E.N.D.S or the jumpsuit that you wear for a Sunday afternoon brunch, it can never fail you. Starring a V neck jumpsuit that smoothly flows through your body is the perfect fit for all body types.

2. Angelic light blue Mini Dress

Angelic light blue Mini Dress

Angelic lig ht blue Mini Dress | Hermagic

Having a blue dress is important, but having this particular light blue dress should be on the top of your list. Mixed with a light golden design of florals that complement the overall fit of the dress, this is perfect for a night out with your friends. This is a satin mini dress that has a fitted bodice and a mini hem.

3. Knitted blue dress 

Knitted blue dress 

Knitted blue dress  | Hermagic

Having a dress that gives the feel of knitting and overall has a ripped look is the new sporty chic fashion that every woman wishes to embrace. Pair this beautiful blue dress with a pair of your favourite white sneakers and you are ready for an afternoon brunch. This dress compliments your body and ensures comfort as well as durability. 

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4. Light blue hoodie dress 

Light blue hoodie dress 

Light blue hoodie dress | Hermagic

An oversized hoodie dress paired with the right accessories and the right sneakers can give you an overall sporty look that is perfect for a normal college day or even an afternoon stroll in the park with your friends. This light blue hoodie dress is made with the best quality cotton, hence ensuring warmth and an embrace of comfort.

5. Navy blue dress

Navy blue dress 

Navy blue dress  | Hermagic


Navy blue outfits look sophisticated, elegant and add a tinge of colour that gives warmth to the eyes. Finding the right pair of a navy blue dress is a task and a task that we are happy to accomplish. This dress is carefully curated by hard working artists, featuring a straight neck, stretched cuffs, frill hems and puff sleeves to make you look your best.

6. Sequined blue dress 

Sequined blue dress 

Sequined blue dress  | Hermagic

Sequins have really come into fashion these past few years and are slowly taking over the fashion industry as well. Finding the right sequined dress that looks apt for parties but also one that has the right amount, quality, and brightness of sequins is extremely important. 

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7. Blue halter neck dress 

Blue halter neck dress 

Blue halter neck dress  | Hermagic

A halterneck dress is more versatile than one can imagine. You can pair it up with sneakers, trousers, skirts and create different outfits with just one dress. This dress is cut from a special shimmery fabric and flaunts a sleeveless slim silhouette that compliments your body shape.

8. Blue floral puffed sleeve dress 

Blue floral puffed sleeve dress 

Blue floral puffed sleeve dress  | | Hermagic

The colour blue best goes with some floral designs since they both compliment each other to create a warm and elegant look that anyone can pull off. Finding the right fit of a dress will help you embrace the summer breeze and palm trees.


Blue is a colour that signifies ambition, inspiration and encourages one to be their most confident self. Urban outfitters has numerous outfits that you can buy and flaunt at your next get together. They use the most skilled artisans with experience and use the best quality of materials to create something special for all their customers. For more information visit our website Hermagic.


Which colour suits royal blue the best?
Royal blue is a shade that is in the darker tones of blue. Naturally, pairing it up with lighter contrasting colour will give you a sleek and sophisticated look. Colours such as white, light blue, light pink can work best with royal blue. 
What do blue dresses symbolise?
Blue dresses symbolise not only confidence, ambition and inspiration, but are also the best way to showcase your boss lady attitude by pairing them up properly. Blue dresses can be worn in summers, winters, autumns or springs hence making the colour blue – a year round colour. 
Which colour is better: navy blue or light blue?
While both the colours have their own worth, they can be used to signify different things. Dark blue signifies power and authority while light blue signifies healing, understanding and tranquillity. Hence both of these shades can be worn according to your mood and the occasion.

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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