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Best Women Innerwear for All Shapes and Sizes

Women Innerwear

Women Innerwear | Hermagic | Simons

For a long time, women have had to wear uncomfortable clothing to fit in with societal norms. It is difficult to find clothing that is fashionable yet comfortable and makes women feel confident.

Simons, Canada is a brand that focuses on customer service. They feature the best women Innerwear in the market. From cotton underwear for women, to comfortable thongs for women, Simons has it all.

Why should women’s underwear be cotton?

The underwears worn by human beings are in direct contact with their sensitive genitals, hence the material needs to be soft, allergic free and made from natural elements such as cotton.

What is the best women’s underwear to wear? 

The best women’s underwear are cotton underwear especially from Simons, Canada because they create the best and most comfortable inner wear for women of all shapes and sizes.

Hermagic has integrated a list of 9 best Women Innerwear of all shapes and sizes: 

1. Push Up Bra

Push Up Bra

Push Up Bra | Hermagic | Simons

Push up bras are carefully designed to give volume and lift up the breasts of women in a comfortable way, therefore giving a more youthful look. Even though they are not to be worn on a daily basis, they can be worn for special occasions or whenever you want some extra boost.

Simons push up bras are designed to make a woman feel comfortable because most of them are padded and have adjustable straps!

2. Seamless Wireless Bra

Seamless Wireless Bra

Seamless Wireless Bra
| Hermagic | Simons

Seamless bras are the best, when you want to wear something that is body fitting and you do not want bra lines to be evidently seen and ruin the whole look of the dress/top/upper wear.

Simons has a number of options to choose from when it comes to seamless wireless bras. With maximum support by adding cups/pads and multi positional straps, buy the best option for seamless wireless bras at Simons.

3. Brazilian Underwear

Brazilian Underwear

Brazilian Underwear | Hermagic | Simons

Simons produces underwears that are fashionable, comfortable and give the maximum support. Available in three different beautiful colours namely green, beige cream and lilac, their cotton based underwears are the best in the market. They have an elastic waist and provide a soft stretch for women of all shapes and sizes.

4. Cotton Hipster Underwears 

Cotton Hipster Underwears

Cotton Hipster Underwears | Hermagic | Simons

Hipster underwear is the most popular choice among women when it comes to everyday wear. They provide the maximum support and coverage, allowing women to partake in all activities without any doubts by being the most comfortable underwear for women.

Simons hipster underwears have an elastic waist and are cotton based.

5. Laser Cut Thongs

Laser Cut Thongs

Laser Cut Thongs | Hermagic | Simons

Providing a dual role for ladies’ underwear, laser cut thongs provide the feel of a seamless underwear along with being a thong. Not to be used for everyday wear, you can still slip into Simons perfect pair of thongs that are made of soft, light and stretchable fabric. The best part of it is that it is invisible behind the clothing you have donned.

6. Bralettes


Bralettes | Hermagic | Simons

Bralettes are the perfect innerwear when you want to layer or wear a sheer top/shirt on top. They are comfortable, provide ample support and are extremely fashionable.

Simons creates beautiful and gorgeous lace-based bralettes made from nylon microfibers that are apt for all shapes and sizes. They also sell matching underwear with all their bras.

7. Full Coverage Bras

Full Coverage Bras

Full Coverage Bras | Hermagic | Simons

The ideal bras for everyday wear especially if you are someone who wants excess support, the full coverage bras are made for full busts.

Simons creates full coverage bras with adjustable straps and three hook closures. Made from stretchy microfibers and underwire cups with delicate foam coverage, they are the perfect underwear for women.

8. Thongs



Thongs are one of the best women’s underwear when you want coverage but also invisible lines on the clothing donned outside.

Simons have thongs that have an elastic waist and are made in ultra-soft stretchy material for maximum comfort.

9. Cotton Boyshorts

Cotton Boyshorts

Cotton Boyshorts | Hermagic | Simons

Cotton boyshorts are the kind of women’s underwear that provide the most coverage and are the most comfortable, they reach to your upper thighs and therefore provide the most comfort for women of all shapes and sizes.

Simons has numerous products to choose from that allows you the freedom to choose your own size, colour and design, therefore making it a versatile brand.


Women’s innerwear is the most essential part of clothing that a woman dons. It needs to be comfortable, provide maximum support and have a great amount of coverage. When your underwear is comfortable, you are confident and that is something Simons promotes the most. They bring fashionable trends and mix it with comfortable and supportive clothing. Find your best fit on the website.


What are the best women’s underwear to wear?
The best women’s underwear to wear are hipster and boy shorts because they provide the maximum coverage and support. 
What is the most popular style of women’s underwear?
The most popular styles nowadays are hipster underwear, seamless underwear and thongs.

Which underwear is best for women in India?
The best underwear for women in India are hipster briefs or underwear because they are extremely comfortable and are meant for everyday wear and usage.

Which underwear brand is best?
Simons Canada is one of the best brands for underwears including bras and underwears because they have cotton based, stretchy, and microfiber based products.

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