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Best Waterproof Coats To Keep You Warm This Winter

Best Waterproof Coats
Best Waterproof Coats

Keeping warm when it’s freezing outside isn’t easy, especially if you live in an area where snowfall and frosty mornings are the norms. However, with the right clothing, staying toasty is much easier. One of the best ways to stay warm and dry this winter is by investing in a quality waterproof coat. These coats are perfect for minimizing exposure to rain and snow, as well as keeping you dry if you find yourself caught in the rain or near a stream at any point. When looking for a waterproof coat that will keep you dry no matter what the weather throws your way, there are several things to consider. Considering these factors before making a final decision on which waterproof coat will work best for your needs. Here are our top 10 recommendations when searching for the perfect waterproof coat:

What to look for in a waterproof coat

There are several factors we recommend considering when shopping for a new waterproof coat. These factors include the waterproofing material of the coat, the weight and durability of the coat, ventilation options, and other features like pockets, adjustable cuffs/hemline, and hood style. Let’s take a look at these factors in more detail.

Waterproofing material –When shopping for a new waterproof coat, the most important factor to consider is the material it’s made from. There are a few different options available when it comes to waterproofing material including polyurethane (PU), polyester, neoprene, and nylon. All of these materials are great options and help keep moisture, rain, and snow out. However, each material has its own set of pros and cons. PU is one of the most popular waterproofing materials because it’s lightweight and breathable, making it great for any season. PU is fairly affordable, but it can be more expensive than other types of waterproof materials like neoprene. Another material, polyester, is a popular choice for those who want a lightweight and affordable waterproof option. Like PU, polyester is breathable, making it a great option for any season. Nylon is another popular waterproofing material and it’s a great option for those who want a more affordable waterproof option. However, nylon is less breathable than PU and polyester, making it a better choice for colder months than warmer ones.

Durability and weight –Another important factor when shopping for a new waterproof coat is its durability. If you plan on wearing your coat often, you want a material that’s going to last. Look for a coat that’s made from a high-quality, durable material that is likely to last longer than cheaper, less durable options. Another thing to consider is the weight of the coat. If you live in a warmer climate, you don’t want to be weighed down by a heavy, overly warm coat. If you live in a colder climate, however, you want a coat that’s going to keep you warm without being overly heavy. A good way to find the right balance is to look for a coat that’s made from a lightweight material like polyester.

Ventilation –If you live in a warmer climate, you want a coat that offers good ventilation. A quality waterproof coat should have strategically placed ventilation holes that allow air to flow through the coat and help regulate body temperature. In warmer temperatures, a good waterproof coat with quality ventilation options will keep you cool and comfortable.

Hood style –When shopping for a new waterproof coat, you also want to consider the hood style. If you plan on wearing your coat often, you want a hood that’s easy to put on and take off. You also want a hood that fits comfortably and stays in place. If you live in a colder climate, a hood with a fleece lining that can be easily adjusted for a snug fit is a great option.

Bottom line

Whatever climate you live in, a good waterproof coat is a must-have item for any closet. A quality waterproof coat will keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather throws at you. When shopping for a new waterproof coat, it’s important to consider the waterproofing material, durability, weight, ventilation options, and other features like hood style.

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