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9 Best Walking Boots for Hiking in the Winter of 2023

Walking Boots for Hiking

Walking Boots for Hiking | Hermagic

Whether you want leather boots, waterproof boots, lightweight fabric boots, winter boots, or just some stylish-looking boots to take you from the trail to the bar, today’s adventure footwear has something for everyone, with fantastic brands like Danner, On Shoes, Adidas, Inov-8, Salewa, and more. The greatest walking boots all have one thing in common: they’re comfy, supportive, and won’t make you feel like you’re walking with lead weights on your feet after the first three miles.Many of today’s walking boots feature scientifically studied bottoms, current fabric technology, and endless fine-tuning to make them comfortable, waterproof, and sturdy enough to tackle even the most difficult terrain. Others depend on tried-and-true building methods and materials that have stood the test of time. 

However, the dizzying number of materials and styles brings a dizzying multitude of alternatives, with several businesses offering you the ultimate experience. This might make determining which is ideal for you extremely difficult.

List of Best Walking Boots for this Season

1. Danner Panorama

Danner Panorama

Danner Panorama | Hermagic

Danner’s new Panorama boots are excellent all-around hiking footwear, designed for anything from rainy-day hillwalks to sunny afternoon strolls through the forest. They’re comfy, with a stronger sole that provides more stable support on difficult terrain. They’re also waterproof lined, so damp ground or mud won’t be a problem. A word of caution: If you want to keep the brushed suede upper looking excellent, keep the muck off of it. It is one of the best walking boots for women.

They took a few miles to break in, but once they did, they felt excellent for lengthy (10-plus) mile walks about town, while still providing the support I required for climbing more severe hills.

2. Terrex FreeHiker II GTX by Adidas

Terrex FreeHiker II GTX by Adidas

Terrex FreeHiker II GTX by Adidas | Hermagic

The Freehikers feature a sneaker-like fit that is immediately comfy when you put them on. They have a thick foamy sole that gives plenty of comforts while also propelling you ahead as you walk throughout your path. As a consequence, I was able to wear the boot all day without even noticing. 

3. Danner Free Spirit

The Free Spirit boots, like Danner’s Jaq Quilt, offer a sophisticated throwback style (another boot on this list). The Jags, on the other hand, are designed with a thermal lining for cold-weather treks, but the Free Spirits are lighter and more breathable, making them better suited for summer excursions in diverse terrain.

4. Dropline Mid Salewa

Dropline Mid Salewa

Dropline Mid Salewa | Hermagic

Salewa’s Dropline GTX shoes were already among my favorite fast-hiking shoes, owing to their very soft footbed, which enables you to walk quickly without feeling burdened. The Dropline Mid shoes use the same design but add a mid-height ankle for further support on more difficult or sloppy terrain.

5. On Cloudrock 2 waterproof

On Cloudrock 2 waterproof

On Cloudrock 2 waterproof | Hermagic

The original iteration of On’s Cloudrock walking boots was fantastic, and the updated model hits many of the same criteria. They’re comfy straight out of the box, and the hefty sole of On’s collection provides a rocking motion as you stride along, which helps drive you ahead.

6. Omni-heat boot from Columbia Fairbanks

Columbia’s Fairbanks Omni-heat boots are the ones you grab for this winter while going for frigid treks around town. They’re thermally insulated and have a reflective silvery inner to reflect heat to your feet, similar to the space blankets that runners wear after finishing a marathon. As a consequence, you get a comfy boot that feels like you’re wearing slippers outside.

7. Scarpa Crux Shoe

Scarpa Crux Shoe

Scarpa Crux Shoe | Hermagic

The Crux Shoe is designed for approaches on difficult and uneven terrain with multi-directional lugs and a Megagrip compound, requiring traction as you plant each foot whether climbing rock or just descending damp grass. The Crux Shoe has a thick Vibram outsole.

8. Danner Ridge

Danner Ridge

Danner Ridge | Hermagic

I like the leather and waxed canvas style of these boots, which result in something that looks just as well with jeans in a pub garden as it does halfway up a mountain. They’re comfortable enough for all-day use, from city to trail, and the Gore-Tex lining keeps out the elements. One of the best mountain walking boots to have.

9. Moto Boot HebTroCo

HebTroCo’s Moto boot is a hard-wearing work boot designed and produced by hand in the UK. It’s finest at home in a workshop, worn by a tattooed welder patching up a vintage Harley Davidson. However, this does not preclude them from putting in the miles. 

The heavy-duty Vibram sole provides plenty of grip on steep routes, and the traditional black design won’t appear out of place after your stroll in a beer garden.

What to Look For When Purchasing Walking Boots

Hiking footwear options range from robust, leather walking boots built to face high mountain routes to lightweight sneakers that are more at home on the Italian Riviera. Finding the appropriate pair for you will need careful consideration of what you want from your boots and where you intend to use them.

If you’ll be largely walking on mild rural paths or well-kept woodland trails, a walking shoe (like the Salewa Dropline GTX) may be a suitable choice; their lightweight construction makes them ideal for all-day usage. If you’re going over more rocky terrain, or just desire more ankle support, a mid-height (or higher) boot like the On Shoes Cloudrock or Inov Rocfly G 345 GTX will give extra stability and sure-footedness.

Leather boots, on the other hand, are still readily accessible, and brands such as Danner make superb classic-looking leather boots that are comfortable and supportive for long-distance travel.

If you’re going to be trekking in rainy weather, search for Gore-Tex linings or other ‘own-brand’ waterproof linings that the manufacturer may utilize. 

Keep in mind that “waterproof” in boots seldom implies “submersible,” so don’t expect to stand in a river all day fishing and expect the water to stay out.


This is only our opinion and what we have discovered to be the best for this sort of trek. Footwear is a personal choice, and everyone’s feet are different, so try them on in the store and figure out what works best for you. We hope that this selection of walking boots will assist you in making your decision. Hermagic’s official website has further details about womens walking boots.


Do I need special winter walking boots?
If you are trekking in mild temps, you might consider purchasing a winter hiking boot. These will provide enough insulation, albeit not as much as snow boots, and will also be useful in the early spring and late autumn.
How Tall Should Winter walking boots be?
To prevent snow from entering into the boot, snow boots should stretch at least over the hem of your jeans and preferably above your ankle. If you reside in a snowy environment, the higher the better.
Should your winter boots be a bit large?
Snow boots are made to have a wider, roomier fit to accommodate the thick fleece inside and whatever socks you wish to wear. When it comes to snow boots, the notion that you should allow space for socks is completely false. Don’t be tempted to size up since too much boot movement might create ulcers.

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