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Your Ultimate Guide to how to achieve the best Press-on Nails Look 

best press on nails

Best press-on nails | Hermagic

Do you always find yourself lazy and procrastinating when it comes to getting your nails done in a salon or managing them yourself? A good manicure can surely enhance your overall aesthetic and confidence, whether you are attending an event or giving a presentation at a meeting. 

There are so many ways available today – nail acrylics, gel extensions, nail jewellery, and stickers – you name it, and they have it. In all this buffet of nail services and products, knowing what is best suited for us becomes challenging and confusing. There are a considerable number of factors involved that can help us choose the best option. From price and convenience to safety and longevity – all these can help us narrow down our choices. 

However, press-on nails are one such option back in vogue but often miss the eye.  To be honest, press-on nails are a fantastic option for your nails for the versatility, ease, flexibility, customization, and sustainability they offer.  They can be worn 24/7 and last for weeks without damaging your nails. On the contrary, BrunetteOnaMission, aka Anna, says, “They leave my nails healthier than before.”  

Why should you consider using Press-on nails? 

Glamnetic press on nail

Glamnetic press on nail | Hermagic

Tonal Tips press on nails

Tonal Tips press on nails | Hermagic

The best press-on nails will afford you value for money, reduced effort, healthier nails, and a wide variety to choose from at Sephora. The worst ones? We are here to talk only about the best press-on nails and their benefits. 

1. Saves Time and Money 

Press-on nails are a far better option than getting your nails done professionally and spending a bomb. You need your salary for last the month, don’t you? Manicures are costly, and professional gel nails or acrylic nails are more of a luxury indulgence few can afford. 

A yearly sum of money spent on gel nails can easily cost around $2,000!

Instead, you can opt for a good manicure kit like the Sephora Nail Prep Set or Sephora Manicure nail tool Kit and buy the best press-on nails available. Most of the best press-on nail varieties can be reapplied and reused. Make sure to use good nail glue to protect your nails from damage.

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2. Add instant length to your nails 

Do you have the habit of biting your nails, or are they stubborn and never grow long enough for your liking? Press-on nails can be a quick option to add instant length to your nails without damaging them. Invest in the best press-on nails you can lay your hands on, reuse, recycle, and be a proud environment-conscious being. 

You can also look for vegan, cruelty-free acrylic press-on nails like those from Sephora to indulge yourself in guilt-free grooming.

3. Longlasting and durable 

False nails or press-on nails have been notorious for being easy to break and not long-lasting. However, new innovations and developments in the beauty industry have yielded results in the form of some of the best pres-on nails that you can use to embellish your nails. 

How to put on Press-on nails?

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to put on your press-on nails: 

Step 1: Invest in high-quality press-on nails and glue 

Make sure to research your options and choose the best press-on nails of the right fit and size and a good glue to stick your nails. Add a nail prep kit and a cuticle and nail oil to keep your nails healthy and happy.

Step 2: Prep your nails

Filing your nails is important to trim them to the desired length and shape. The length and shape of your original nails should be kept to fit the press-on nails you purchased. Once you know which brand suits you, this job becomes a lot easier. 

Remove any nail paint and push back your cuticles. It’s time to wash your hands properly to remove any dirt or oil.

Step 3: Apply a base coat

Instead of buffing your nails, which most kits recommend, apply a layer of base coat or clear polish to your nails and let them dry. This step has two benefits – it will act as a layer between your nails and glue, giving your nails better protection and secondly, it will make your press-on nails last longer. 

Wash your hands for one last time before you stick the press-on nails.

Step 4: Apply the press-on nails

With all the preps done, it’s time to apply the nails. Use a brush to apply glue to your nail evenly and stick the nail. Start with your pinkies first and address your thumbs last. In addition, voila! You are done!

How to make your press-on nails last longer? 

Now that you know how to put those acrylic beauties on your nails let’s throw in some handy tips before we call it a day. Before you apply the clear polish or base coat, use running alcohol to remove any grime or dirt from the nails. A clean canvas is the best to work on. 

Remember, press-on nails if applied the right way do not damage your nails, but acetone, water, and soap do harm your nails. In addition, don’t forget to check the ingredients in the nail glue. 

The glue should be applied on the back of the nail and over the base coat. Press each press-on nail for at least 30 seconds after you stick them for the glue to spread evenly. 

Avoid washing your hands for the next two hours to let the glue work a strong bond. In addition, lo! Your press-on nail guide is complete. Go; kill it on the red carpet now!


Press on nails are the quickest and easiest ways to add a twist to your hands and make them look beautiful. These nails come in various colors, themes, patterns and sizes and can be applied with a single glue for a long lasting stay. These nails enhance the look of your outfit in a giffy and are a steal deal based on their pricing. Hermagic is always there to give you style & fashion inspiration, the press on nails are surely one of our recommendations.


Which press-on nails are the best?
Glamnetic Press-on nails on Sephora are the best press-on nails from the lot. These almond-shaped press-on nails come with multiple patterns like swirls, confetti, marshmallow, etc. They are free of any chemicals, parabens, or formaldehyde and are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and arrive in recyclable packaging. You can go guilty-free while you go mani. 
What press-on nails last the longest?
Press-on nails usually last up to 2 weeks. However, the longevity o the nails depends on the prepping you did before you glued your nails. Talking of the brands, Glamnetic Nails from Sephora, Paintlab Press-on nails, and Nails Inc. press-on nails are some of the best press-on nails brands that last longer. 
What are the least damaging fake nails?
Soak-off gels nails are the best press-on nails with the least damaging effect on your natural nails. These nails can, however, cause peeling, brittleness, and cracking in nails. Talking of the best press-on nails brand with the least damage, Glamnetic’s vegan, gluten-free, chemical-free press-on nails are the best press-on nails in the market that can offer you maximum protection. 
How do you make press on nails last two weeks?
There are many tips and tricks to make your press-on nails last two weeks. Use the appropriate size, choose a manageable style, prep the surface properly, apply a top coat, use good-quality nail glue and press-on nails. Once set, avoid submerging your nails in water.

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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