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Checkout the Best Men’s Cargos that you can Purchase this Season

Men’s Cargos

Men’s Cargos | Hermagic

It’s hard to imagine, but cargo trousers for men and women are on the rise. You know what, guys? If you don’t mind, I’ll forgo the hard sell on cargo pants being back in vogue this time. It’s not that difficult to believe. In reality, we’ve been making the same emphatic assertion that man’s cargo pants have returned since at least 2011. You already understand. If you aren’t on board by now, you will never be. Designers have been driving this cargo renaissance for a decade, and they’ve indeed come into their own recently. The trousers they’ll be creating in 2023 will fit better than ever, be made of more rad materials, and play with pocket location and size in all inventive, beautiful ways.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it: men’s cargos pants are making a comeback. Moreover, you can get the best deal on men’s cargos only on the official BoohooMan website.

List of Best Men’s Cargos

There are various men’s cargos pants available that you can explore and purchase from BoohooMan. We at Hermagic have curated a list of the finest men’s cargos to make it easy for you to buy. The list of best men’s cargos is as follows:

1. Baggy Fit Crinkle Nylon Cargo Trousers

These cargo-pocketed variants have the same build quality

Baggy Fit Crinkle Nylon Cargo Trousers | Hermagic

The workwear-approved construction and tough twill fabric held up on several job sites before taking over skate parks and, finally, the fashion world. These cargo-pocketed variants have the same build quality as the original 874s and the same always-stylish straight-leg style, effortlessly earning a spot in anyone’s collection. And, unlike the military-tinged Abercrombie-era cargo pants you’re trying not to remember from the 2000s, they are stripped back and nearly minimalist, offering them a tonne of versatility to pair with sneakers, loafers, or boots.

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2. Straight-Leg Jumbo Corduroy Cargo Trousers

the cargos created by the British wunderkind for Loewe are correspondingly huge

Straight-Leg Jumbo Corduroy Cargo Trousers | Hermagic

Jonathan Anderson doesn’t do anything halfway, from his massive mules to his woven bags. As a result, the cargos created by the British wunderkind for Loewe are correspondingly huge, made from yards of poly-blend fabric and featuring pockets large enough to fit an iPad mini. However, because of their swishy construction, they have a floweriness that lends itself to easy weekend wear when the last thing you need is a pair of stiff jeans choking your calves—or hamstringing your big fits.

3. Fixed Waistband Relaxed Fit Cargo Trousers

For years, folks looking for beautifully replicated true Americana went to one location. BoohooMan builds cargos that look just like the standard-issue military models of yesteryear but have received significant modifications for 2023. However, the distinguishing features, such as an adjustable waist and durable cotton ripstop, have been preserved.

4. Fixed Waist, Relaxed Fit Cargo Trousers

it gives plenty of space for all your miscellaneous knickknacks

Fixed Waist, Relaxed Fit Cargo Trousers | Hermagic

Cargo pants have been around for a while, but their origins are still in usefulness. Their principal function is to assist you in transporting items from one location to another bit staying hands-free. In that spirit, this twist on the genre—a favorite among would-be doomsday preppers and the details-obsessed clothing fans who dress like them—over-delivers on the notion. The cult-favorite silhouette from the Berlin-based label boasts a tapered fit that’s loose in the right places and narrow in others for maximum movement, whether you’re roundhouse kicking a neighbor attempting to raid your underground bunker or, you know, bicycling to work. You can also pair them with eight pockets—most of which you can’t see!—that gives plenty of space for all your miscellaneous knickknacks, reason enough to dump that little canvas tote forever.

5. Straight-Stitch Cargo Trousers

These Patagonia numbers are the way to go when you need cargo pants made for hard work. You may be better familiar with Patagonia for its outdoor clothing and accessories, but these utility trousers show that the company can compete in the workplace market. These men’s cargos consist of material in a casual fit from a duck canvas fabric that’s abrasion-resistant and breathable, owing to a high hemp content. They’ve also got reinforcements and triple-needle stitching galore, so you can bet they’ll finish the job. It’s simple to match them with a denim shirt and sturdy boots for a complete workplace look, but don’t be afraid to switch them up with wavy socks and Birkenstocks.


These are the five best men’s cargos pants that you can explore and shop from BoohooMan’s official website.These cargos can also be worn by women. Cargo pants are now better than before. They consist of better materials and have better designs than before. You can now wear cargo pants anywhere without worrying about anything. If you love cargo pants and are looking for the best men’s cargos pants, then you have come to the right place. Above are the five best men’s cargos pants. Moreover, you can check out the official Hermagic website for more such articles. Also, you can check BoohooMan’s website to learn more about Men’s cargo trousers, Cargo pants, men’s cargo joggers, and men’s cargo shorts.


What should guys wear when going cargo?
Combine cargo khaki pants with a fresh white shirt for a classic stylish appearance. Choose a super-cool khaki-colored pant and combine it with loafers and a nice wristwatch to complete the cargo pant’s design appeal. Pair the men’s khaki cargo trousers with a grey t-shirt and a solid-colored blazer for an urban city style.
Are cargo pants going out of style in 2023?
Until recently, you could link the pant with outlandish tourist dresses or the contentious noughties aesthetic. Cargo pants for women, on the other hand, appear to be a modern wardrobe staple that you can wear for errands or a cool-relaxed approach to dressier occasions in 2023.
Is there a dress code for cargo?
Their dress code is smart-casual, which means clean sneakers, but no tracksuits are permitted.
Should cargo pants be oversized?
If in doubt, err on the thin side. Pinching the sides with an inch of surplus cloth is always a good idea. In general, they should be as tight – or as loose – as your chinos.


Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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