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Makeup Hashtags

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Best Makeup Hashtags for Instagram

Makeup Hashtags

Makeup Hashtags | Hermagic

You are a creative person, and you create fantastic makeup tutorials. But unless people watch your content on Instagram and share it with their friends and family, you won’t benefit from your uploads. Reaching your content to the right audience is the biggest challenge for you.

You can see people creating makeup tutorials and getting millions of views on Instagram. If people like your content, they start following you. Depending on your follower number, brands begin showing interest in your content and your profile. Some brands want to collaborate with you just to use your popularity and your reach.

How to get more reach?

So, when you are a content creator on Instagram, your reach should be the main focus. You must attach meaningful and trendy hashtags to your content to gain popularity and collect more followers. These hashtags fetch reliable followers to your profile.

Initially, people used to attach random hashtags to their Instagram posts as they were unaware of the power of hashtags. But now that we all know how hashtags work, you need to choose some suitable hashtags for your makeup and beauty content. Here, we have collected around 24 hashtags that help you gain more followers and become famous on Instagram.

Most popular hashtags:




This hashtag is attached to more than 4 million posts on Instagram. While the word dress is included in the hashtag, this one is made for makeup lovers. If you love eye makeup and well-blended eye makeup tutorials are your thing, you can easily use this hashtag with your post. You can, however, use this hashtag with your lip makeup and face contouring makeup.




This is another popular hashtag going on Instagram. This hashtag is tailor-made for you if you love experimenting with different brands, colors, shades, etc. More than 26 million posts on Instagram have this hashtag attached to them.


If you love creating daily makeup content, this hashtag can be added to your posts. More than 11 million Instagram posts have this hashtag.


This is an inspiring hashtag. This asks you to get up and create an inspiring look for makeup enthusiasts. Please add this hashtag to your post if you have created a distinctive look. More than 17 million people have used this.




This is undoubtedly one of the leading choices of hashtags on Instagram. More than 20 million people have used this with their posts.


If you are a makeup video creator, this is the best hashtag for your post. Every day more than 3 million videos are posted on Instagram, each with this hashtag.


Do you feel that your life is incomplete without makeup? Well, then, this is the best suitable one for your posts. More than 7 million people use this hashtag on Instagram.


Do you love creating party makeup tutorials? Then do not forget to add this hashtag to your posts. Apart from you, another 4 million people have added this.


Are you a wedding makeup artist? Then showcase your creativity in front of the world. If your tutorials are good, people will talk about them as they are talking about another 5 million posts with this hashtag.




Do you love creating quirky makeup ideas? Do you use different quirky tools to create flawless looks? Then use this hashtag along with another 6 million other creators.


Are you a makeup artist and want to showcase your talent in front of the world? Let them know your talent by adding this hashtag to your posts. More than 80 million posts on Instagram have this hashtag added to them.


Let the world know if you love makeup more than anything else. Add this hashtag to your post like other 3 million posts on Instagram.

Do you create beauty content on Instagram? Then you just need some hashtags that go well with your posts. These makeup hashtags are suitable for your posts but not to the point! Here are 12 to-the-point hashtags for your posts that can give you a fantastic reach.


While many fall for makeup tutorials, many follow skincare videos. You can add this hashtag like other 1 million people on Instagram.


You must have heard of balayage if you are a hair color fanatic. Add this hashtag to your posts and see the reach. More than 1 million people have used this hashtag before.


Do you love sharing your secret beauty and skincare tips with strangers? Helping others get beautiful skin can be a wonderful thing! Why don’t you share your secret tips with your followers? More than 1 million people have used this hashtag in their posts.

16. #HAIROFInstagram:

People are confused about the tips to use to get flawless beautiful hair. Hair loss is a real problem, and many people are fighting this globally. More than 5 million people have used this hashtag in their posts, and we hope this hashtag will help you gain more followers.


Curly-haired people have many problems dealing with this hair. Curly hair looks fantastic, but it is tough to manage this type of hair. If you know some secrets, share those with your followers, like another 2 million people using the same hashtag.


You do not need beauty products when your natural hair looks healthy and beautiful! Inspire others to take care of their hair with this hashtag. More than 25 million hair tips posts have this hashtag in them.




Use this hashtag with another 20 thousand posts to get great reach. The hashtag has been used by many people who have been promoting skin care and relevant concepts.


Due to poor reach, many skincare products are available in the market that does not get recognition. With this hashtag, you can bring those products to daylight. More than 1 million posts have this hashtag attached to them.



HAIRDYE | Hermagic

Many people love to dye their hair, and you can share some tips with them. Please share if you have terrific tips, like another 5 million people using this hashtag.


People love to watch hair transformation videos on Instagram. More than 3 million posts have this hashtag in common!


Do you love sharing your daily skincare routine on Instagram? Then use this hashtag like another 3 million people on Instagram.



HAIRGOALS | Hermagic

More than 12 million posts have this hashtag on Instagram. You can also use this hashtag with your post!


There must be a reason why these hashtags are used repeatedly in Instagram posts. You can choose some of these hashtags for your posts and taste the popularity on ‘gram like others.


Can hashtags help us gain popularity on Instagram?
Hashtags can bring more traffic to your content for sure. But if your content is not attractive, no hashtag can save it anyways!
Do brands collaborate with creators depending on popularity?

Brands indeed collaborate with content creators with more likes and followers. But they also give importance to content quality. You can attract brands to your profile if your quality is good and you do not have many followers.

How to understand which hashtag will work in my case?

This is a pure trial and error basis. Every creator has his fan base and caters to different demands of viewers. You need to try using different hashtags on your posts to understand which one works best in your case.

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