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15 Best Makeup Brushes for Flawless Makeup

Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes | Hermagic

You might have the best luxurious makeup products and kits, but they will always remain incomplete without makeup brushes. Whether you believe in less makeup or more, you need to have the range of best makeup brushes to glam up your look. Every product in your makeup kit needs a different brush for its application to get the best results. We can’t use a Foundation brush for applying eyeshadow, or we cannot use a contour brush for the application of foundation. Because of this, the requirement for different types of good makeup brushes arises. Good makeup brushes are those that celebrity makeup artists use. No doubt, makeup products, and techniques have more to do with the look, but tools used for the makeup also have a special significance. We’ve filtered the best makeup brushes set on a budget that will raise you to the pro level of makeup with just a sweep.

Best Makeup Brushes

1. Make Up for Ever 158 – Double-Ended Sculpting Brush

Double-Ended Sculpting Brush

Double-Ended Sculpting Brush | Hermagic

It is designed specially for sculpting cheekbones and the application of powder. The brushes on both sides give it a plus point to carry one brush instead of two. Also, it has super soft bristles that give a heavenly feeling to the application of the product on the face.

2. Make Up for Ever 122 Blending Brush

It has exceptionally soft fibers that are dense and sheer. The bristles are less prone to shedding. As a result, you will not see fibers falling within the vanity, indicating its incredible durability. Also, it gives the finish of an airbrush to your look.

3. Artis Brush Oval 6

Artis Brush Oval 6

Artis Brush Oval 6 | Hermagic

This brush is impressively expert in the application of foundation and concealer. Also, it helps contour the makeup and eyeshadow application. Its packaging is done in CosmeFibre filament so that there is smooth coverage. It is perfectly friendly to sensitive skin and is considered the best makeup brush.

4. Surratt Beauty Artistique

This brush has soft and dense bristles in a good enough conical volume to have a uniform product spread. It is so soft that you may apply more of the product amount to experience its dreamy softness. It acts perfect for the finishing strokes of makeup.

5. Morphe M310 Large Fan Brush

Morphe M310 Large Fan Brush

Morphe M310 Large Fan Brush | Hermagic

Fan brush does not get the deserving affection. It is used to apply highlighter and contour around the forehead, hairline, and chin. Also, it gives the final touch by dusting the extra-setting powder off the face. So it is the brush that always has a special place in my kit.

6. Pat McGrath’s Sublime Perfection Powder Brush

No need to worry about the hidden bacteria in your makeup brush as the synthetic fiber brushes are here. These are the best brushes for makeup and are easy to clean. Pat McGrath’s Sublime Perfection Powder Brush provides the product’s precise placement because of its slightly tapered tip. Synthetic fibers are used in this brush. As a result, it can be cleaned using baby shampoo once a week.

7. RMS Beauty brush for eyeshadow

RMS Beauty brush for eyeshadow

RMS Beauty brush for eyeshadow | Hermagic

Eyes are the window to our souls; this brush is meant for them. It has a sleek brush with a slim handle that gives the user calligraphic precision. Thus, it is a perfect eyeshadow brush. It is vegan-friendly and has dense bristles that collect a small amount of product for creative application on lids. Also, it gives the desired effect of blending using water.

8. Morphe M330 Blending Crease Brush

When it comes to eyeshadow, natural bristles and brush shape prove profitable. The bristles of this brush are light and tapered; as a result, it causes the soft and quick blending of the pigments applied. It is perfect for diffusing harsh lines and blending the color crease.

9. MAC Cosmetics 212 Flat Definer Brush

MAC Cosmetics 212 Flat Definer Brush

MAC Cosmetics 212 Flat Definer Brush | Hermagic

Kelli J. Bartlett, the artistic director, considers this flat definer brush her ride-or-dye eyeliner brush. Whether it is about crisp edges or soft stars, this brush is impressive for working on both. Also, it creates a sharp wing ideally.

10. Rae Morris Radiance Brush

Say goodbye to instant filters. Here is the Rae Morris Radiance brush, which gives an airbrush finish when used for foundation application. Foundation acts as the ground for the makeup. Therefore, its correct application using a perfect brush is essential. The size of this brush is suitable for clutches making it travel-friendly. Its bristles are vegan-crafted and give super simple strokes. Also, it has a professional look making it incomparable to other foundation brushes.

11. Make Up for Ever 122 Blending Brush

Make Up for Ever 122 Blending Brush

Make Up for Ever 122 Blending Brush | Hermagic

It retains the glowy quality even after powder application for an advanced level blending. Bartlett suggests using this brush to powder specific areas of the face to avoid removing the glow all over the face.

12. Anisa Beauty Pinnacle Foundation Brush

Jamie Greenberg, a celebrity makeup artist, suggests this triangular brush for buffing the foundation with streak-free and even skin. So whether you are wearing foundation today or tomorrow, stock up on this brush approved by the expert.

13. MAC 217 Synthetic Blending Brush

MAC 217 Synthetic Blending Brush

MAC 217 Synthetic Blending Brush | Hermagic

Whether it is about subtle pop of color or smoky eyes, MAC 217 blending brush is perfect for both. Both Bartlett and Greenberg highly recommend this brush for all kinds of eyeshadows. It suits beginners best.

14. E.l.f Sculpting: Best makeup brush for contouring

The company designs this brush in a curved shape, which glides very quickly with the curves of the face. It is the best makeup tool for contouring to give a well-defined jawline, sculpted nose, and even apple cheeks. Also, it is suitable for blushes in powdered, liquid, or even cream form.

15. Charlotte Tilbury brush for bronzer

Charlotte Tilbury brush for bronzer

Charlotte Tilbury brush for bronzer | Hermagic

The deluxe velvety soft bristles of the Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer Brush sweep the shimmery bronzer on the face giving a feeling of joy. Its rounded and dome-shaped tip results in the smooth building of color and ensures its even spread. Additionally, it has a sustainable wood handle, making it super comfortable to hold.


These makeup brushes are suitable for everyone. Whether you want to apply eyeliner, blush, or eyeshadow, these brushes can do the work. for more information follow the official website of Hermagic and Look Fantastic.


Which brand of makeup brush is best?
Morphe’s best makeup brushes for beginners are the best.

What are the best blending brushes?
MAC 217 is the best blending brush having synthetic bristles.

What brushes do we need for a full face of makeup?
For whole face makeup, beginners require eyeliner and eyeshadow brushes, a crease brush, and a powder brush.

How do you apply a flawless foundation with a brush?
Dab the foundation on the T-zone of the face, cheeks, and other portions of the face if required using the brush. Then, spread it by the circular motion of the foundation brush. 

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