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Home Decor

4 Best Home Decor Products on a Budget

Home Decor

Home Decor | Hermagic | Simons

While building your perfect living space, home décor is an integral part of how the house or room turns out. Not just in an aesthetic sense but room décor is also responsible for reflecting who you are, making a house a home you want to come back to after a long day. A house that is tailor fitted for who you are as a person – a minimalist cosy bedroom or the quirkiest common room, Simons has got you covered. With a beautiful wide range of decoration items for home options, this website is perfect to help up class up your space.

Home Décor must haves from Simons:

1. Tea Infusion Ceramic Vase

Tea Infusion Ceramic Vase

Tea Infusion Ceramic Vase | Hermagic | Simons

This artisanal looking ceramic white vase with a smooth finish can make space for itself in any room. Small and classy, it is perfect to put in small flowers. It is varnish-free and has porous rugged interiors, it has a very minimalistic style to reminisce the teatime in the purest Japanese tradition. There are matching items also available so you can make a set to enhance your Scandinese-inspired décor with minimalist lines and a matte finish. It can be considered one of the best decorative items for your living room.

2. Pompom Sherpa Throw

Pompom Sherpa Throw

Pompom Sherpa Throw | Hermagic | Simons

This beautiful home accessory throw is perfect to treat yourself to some downtime – taking a cosy nap or just curling up with a book, this throw is perfect for it all. Curated in bright but earthly tones, it adds an exciting yet comforting pop of colour in any room. It is great to cuddle under during those long movie nights or to take a quick nap on the couch in the middle of a stressful day. Soft and cosy, it is even great as a make-shift blanket for your kids or to have fun making pillow forts with!

3. Luxurious Velvet Cylindrical Cushion

Luxurious Velvet Cylindrical Cushion

Luxurious Velvet Cylindrical Cushion | Hermagic | Simons

This Simons Maison exclusive is made of the famous moiré material and comes in a variety of lovely tones that will add a rich and graceful touch to your decor. The luxurious velvet tubular cushion combines style and durability while adhering to social and environmental standards, with a 100% recycled polyester cover. Its cylindrical structure makes it a great support for your neck and back while working on a desk. The velvety soft finish is great for giving your living room a homely feel. The cushion is machine washable, has a removable cover, and a hidden zip on the edging and is 8″ (20 cm) wide x 18″ (45 cm) long.

4. Colourful Round Cushion

Colourful Round Cushion

Colourful Round Cushion | Hermagic | Simons

This cutesy round cushion from the beautiful Simons Maison collection features the season’s most popular fall colours. They add warmth and uniqueness to your interiors in an elegant way. This cushion isn’t just perfect to place around on the couch or bed but can also act as a comfortable seat on those family game nights! The fabric has a lightly gleaming weave with a subtle herringbone texture. This pillow is 14″ (35 cm) in diameter and has a rounded shape with a crocheted texture that adds character.

You are officially out of excuses to procrastinate buying new home accessories! Head over to Simons to get inspired and avail their consumer-friendly delivery deals. It’s time to buy all the accessories for your home that your heart desires!


What are the most bought home decor items?

Some of the most frequently bought home décor items are wall prints, curtains and clocks. Since they take us space and are generally an easy decision, they make a great investment for many years to come. On the smaller side, candles and vases are also popular.

What are decoration items?

Decoration items by essence are items intended to make something appear prettier and attractive. Home decoration items can be everything raging from wallpaper to the smallest of trinkets – anything that makes your house friendlier to the eye.

How can I decorate my house on a low budget?

Redecoration or even decorating your home for the first time does not have to be expensive. Some tips to redecorate on a budget are-

–          Invest in classics like a wooden table, pastel colour couches etc.

–          Go for quality over quantity on decoration items for home

–          Before taking a decision, explore all options

–          Choose lighting wisely, it is inbuilt and won’t cost too much to customise

–          Shop at Simons for beautiful products at budget friendly rates!

How can I decorate my home ideas?

Home Décor is extremely subjective to every house and individual. Some ideas that can help you are –

–          Set the tone at the entrance of your home

–          Neutral wall colours

–          Leave scope for sunlight

–          Use mirrors for a spacious illusion

–          Invest in quality, timeless products

–          Stick to one aesthetic

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