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10 Best Chain Link Necklaces You Need for Layering

Link Necklaces

Chain Link Necklaces | Hermagic

The styles we’re most smitten with through 2023 blend the complexity of a luxurious chain-link layered design with the audacity of vintage hoops and the strangeness of more sculptural pieces. The commonplace gold chain-link necklaces in your jewelry family has frequently inspired the most significant thoughts. A gold chain link necklace can be as light as a feather and so flimsy that it is hardly detectable, only becoming apparent when it catches the light. It could also be so loud and dramatic that you can hear it roaring across a packed room. A sparkly chain-link necklace can be equally at ease floating over an evening gown as it can spruce up your everyday look of sweats and a hoodie.

10 Best Chain Link Necklaces

1. Small Chain Necklaces

Small Chain Necklaces

Small Chain Necklaces | Hermagic

For a modest daily statement, choose a medium-chain necklace that has a chunkier appearance and is a simple way to give some edge to your elegant casual outfits. Dina Mackney’s Medium Paperclip Chain Necklace for women might be more to your taste if you prefer the more conventional, rectangular links. It has an adjustable fastening and is made of 18 inches of 18-karat gold paperclips, allowing you to experiment with where you want to fasten it.

2. Medium Chain Necklaces

Why not try out a medium chain necklace for a stunning everyday look? These medium-sized link alternatives are an easy way to add some edge to casual and formal ensembles. If you like traditional rectangular links, the Alta Capture Charm Necklace by Monica Vinader might be more your style. It includes a customizable fastening and 36 angular clasping links, allowing you to experiment with its fastening. This necklace is also available in sterling Silver and 18k rose gold vermeil on sterling silver as an alternative to gold. You may add Monica Vinader pendant charms to your necklace to make it unique.

3. Large Chain Necklaces

Large Chain Necklaces

Large Chain Necklaces | Hermagic

Since bold jewelry can brighten up even the most modest of outfits, oversized chain necklaces for women are the logical choice for those with minimalist style preferences who nevertheless want to stand out. I love Loren Stewart’s XXL necklace this season because of its flat, oversized gold links. It looks fabulous with understated ’90s-style tank tops.

The Cable-chain XL 14kt gold necklace for women by Lauren Rubinski is exquisitely polished with circular links in shining gold that will lend a touch of luxury to any outfit giving it a chunkier look. The Epic Chain 14kt gold-plated necklace from the Miami-based jewelry company also has an oversized appeal despite having fine rectangular links that are simpler to wear daily.

4. Choker Chain Necklaces

Choker Chain Necklaces

Choker Chain Necklaces | Hermagic

It only makes sense that the most recognizable item from the 1990s, the choker, would come back with the revival of the ’90s style. The piece has been upgraded to more opulent heights for 2023, especially when seen in chain-link finishes.

Choker chains come in various styles to suit every taste, from ultra-chunky to delicate and demure. Since it has a lightweight construction and elegant, elongated chain links in a smooth and gold-tone finish, Jennifer Fisher’s versatile Essential choker takes the top spot on our list. Further, for a stronger statement, Shay’s progressive choker has flexible curb links that gradually get bigger to show off a 2.82ct icing of round diamonds set in exquisite French pave settings.

5. Designer Chain Necklaces​

Designer Chain Necklaces​

Designer Chain Necklaces​ | Hermagic

When it comes to jewelry trends, you can depend on famous designer names. Thus, this selection is for you if you lean more toward authorized items for the runway. The interlocking chain necklace for women by Gucci has sterling silver. It features enameled Interlocking G accents and tiny Interlocking G motifs. For an unconventional style, we recommend layering this item over a turtleneck. Alexander McQueen offers a lighter version of the ultra-chunky necklace craze with this brass necklace. A pristine white button-down goes well with its medium-width antique gold-tone chain links.

6. Diamond Chain Necklaces

Diamond Chain Necklaces

Diamond Chain Necklaces | Hermagic

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, according to the proverb. However, this best friend appears in adorned chain necklaces for women in 2023. Chain-link necklaces are a modern alternative to vintage diamond jewelry like rings and tennis bracelets for wearing precious stones. The chic Pia Chain Necklace by Jade Trau is a must-have if you’re looking for a stylish and versatile solution. The 18k gold creates the 18-inch chain for the gold necklace for women, and the pendant is encrusted with 19 round, brilliant-cut diamonds. It is a subtle accessory that lends elegance to almost any outfit. Consider Kima’s Unity 18-karat recycled gold diamond necklace, which features two 18-karat gold chains linked with 42 lab-grown brilliant-cut diamonds, offering a more-is-more strategy to diamond dressing. However, minimalists can go for Eera’s jewelry.

7. Silver Chain Necklaces

Silver Chain Necklaces

Silver Chain Necklaces | Hermagic

Apart from the gold jewelry collection, there are also many silver chain-link necklace options available for those who prefer silver jewelry. If you want a grungy choice that you can easily stack with other necklaces for a more striking appearance, go for Laura Lombardi’s Rina necklace. On the other extreme of the spectrum is Saint Laurent’s OTT silver chain necklace, which features thick and flat chain links with a branded push-lock closure for an industrial look.

8. Vintage Chain Necklaces

Vintage Chain Necklaces

Vintage Chain Necklaces | Hermagic

The availability of vintage chain necklaces for sale proves the popularity of chain link necklaces for a long time. You can obtain a more distinctive piece of jewelry by purchasing vintage rather than new items. Also, it is a more environmentally friendly choice. We adore purchasing items from famous luxury labels, such as the Chanel necklace with an antique gold chain or the yellow gold link necklace by Dior.

9. Lariat Chain Necklaces

Ropes or lassos drive Lariat necklaces. Their “drop chain” finish will help you distinguish them from others. Since it is a timeless shape and will remain in style for years to come, you may be confident that you can pass down your investment in a piece of jewelry through the generations. Even if the lariat chain defies trends, established and up-and-coming designers have many fresh interpretations of the accessory. The Braided Chain Necklace With Sphere by Bottega Veneta glimpsed on the fashion house’s runway has completely smitten us this season.

10. Multi-Strand Chain Necklaces

Multi-Strand Chain Necklaces

Multi-Strand Chain Necklaces | Hermagic

The multi-strand design, a sleek and modern twist on the conventional chain necklace, will instantly modernize any ensemble. Whether multi-layered or asymmetric strands, there is a product on the market to fit every taste and budget. The 14kt rose gold mesh chain necklace by Marie Lichtenberg is one long chain that may be worn either as it is or twice wrapped for a double-strand appearance. However, Jordan Road Jewelry’s interpretation includes their Versailles necklace, which cleverly combines rope, curb, and paperclip chains.


The article gathers the finest selection of the season’s chicest versions, whether it be a statement item that enjoys the spotlight and highlights the decolletage or a subtle—yet timeless—staple that you can easily incorporate into any ensemble. Regardless of the number of gold links, these necklaces have mostly supplanted charm bracelets to keep your favorite amulets close at hand. Irrespective of the number of gold links, these necklaces have mostly replaced charm bracelets to retain your loved amulets close at hand. You may purchase a chain with a charming charm already attached to it and even have more fun creating your collection and adding extremely individual charms when the whim strikes.


How do I choose a layered necklace?
Each necklace should stack (not in one big clump) to look the most flattering. The choice of layered necklace should match your outfit and the neck shape it has. It also depends on the occasion on which you are wearing it.

What is the most popular chain link?
The diamond chain necklaces and the cub chains are the most popular chain link. These offer a modern approach to vintage jewelry and give you a stylish look for any occasion or situation.

Are chain link necklaces in style?
With various chain styles becoming popular, chain necklaces are another evergreen trend showing no signs of slowing down. The most common necklace designs for 2023 can be worn in any season and flow from spring to winter.

What chain style is the strongest?
The Mariner chain necklaces are the strongest chain style. They are durable and comfortable. It can be worn with a pendant or even alone with almost every outfit.

Disclaimer: Affiliate policy - I may earn a commission when you buy through the links available in the above blog.

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