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8 Must Have Mountain Bike Accessories When You Head Out

Mountain Bike Accessories

Mountain Bike Accessories | Hermagic | Ribble Cycles

Adventure biking is more than just finding the perfect bike for yourself, it is also about making it the right fit for you. Having the right accessories plays a very important role in making your ride as smooth as possible. Ribble Cycles is the one stop destination for not just bikes but also everything that you need along with it. From GPS to water bottles, Ribble has you covered! The company provides a full range of accessories – tools for maintenance, cages, and additions for carry ons, Ribble makes sure your ride is at its optimal level, and so are you!

Hermagic provides a list of Bike Accessories for maintenance, safety, and training products for you:

1. Team Bottle Smoke/Blue

Team Bottle Smoke/Blue

Team Bottle Smoke/Blue | Hermagic | Ribble Cycles

This lightweight BPA-free water bottle is your best friend when it comes to long rides. Manufactured exclusively for Ribble by Elite, this premium quality bidon features a race-proven high flow teat and 600ml capacity. It also boasts of a flexible body for optimum squidge-factor.

2. Pannier Rack for Disc and Caliper – Matt Black

Pannier Rack for Disc and Caliper

Pannier Rack for Disc and Caliper | Hermagic | Ribble Cycles

This sturdy carrier can take upto 25kg of weighted luggage with ease by fitting a rear pannier rack. It is specially designed to fit a wide range of pannier and trunk bags, and with a bracket for fitting rear lights for safety. It is time to buy this rack and finally take that road trip you have been planning!

3. 46mm Mudguards Gloss Black

Mudguards Gloss Black

Mudguards Gloss Black | Hermagic | Ribble Cycles

These Ribble mudguards, like all others, are lightweight and constructed from reinforced plastic that is extremely durable. These fully covered mudguards provide complete protection from road spray and dirt. These gloss black mudguards help to keep the rider drier and the bike a little bit cleaner, making your journey and the post-ride cleanup a little bit easier. These provide clearance for tyres upto 40mm in width.

4. Frame Bag Black Small

Frame Bag Black Small

Frame Bag Black Small | Hermagic | ribble Cycles

One always needs their essentials while on a long ride, and cannot always reach their backpack for immediate access. This is where this great quality black bag comes into use. It is perfect to fit all your small essentials such as a phone, first aid kit, GPS, etc. The smart frame and colour only add to the biker swagger. This is for sure a must have item for all the avid bikers out there.

5. ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer


ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer | Hermagic | Ribble Cycles

While encountering tough terrains, no matter how experienced a biker is, they can always do with some help. While phones are a good alternative, network and durability issues are pertinent. Advantage by Design, this easy-to-carry and function, small GPS computer has been optimized for bike riders and makes for a great ride-along buddy for every ride.

6. Ribble HT Trail AL 29

Ribble HT Trail AL 29

Ribble HT Trail AL 29 | Hermagic | Ribble Cycles

The HT Trail AL 29 is a versatile aluminium trail hardtail for big wheel fans that is designed for flat out speed and mountain exploration. Light and agile, yet planted, it confidently climbs and carries blistering speed over the toughest terrain. It’s your passport to freedom in the wilderness.

7. Ribble HT AL

Ribble HT AL

Ribble HT AL | Hermagic | Ribble Cycles

The Ribble HT AL is the best hardcore hardtail there is out there – it should act as a yardstick for all others to be judges! Built to be ridden flat out, loose and lairy, it is a modern breed of hardcore hardtail that pushes you to your limit as well as shifts your mindset from what you previously thought was possible on a hardtail – making all your conquering dreams come true.

 8. Range Extender Battery

Range Extender Battery

Range Extender Battery | Hermagic | Ribble Cycles

One of the biggest concerns of a biker is the need for better battery support. Forget the question of if or not your battery will last for as long as you need it to. Extend your ride and travel further than ever before with the ebikemotion battery extender. This handy addition mount fits in the place of your existing bottle cage and extends the range by an impressive 70%

With a Ribbles bike and these handpicked accessories, you are ready to conquer the toughest of terrains. Head over to the website to shop these and more.

Happy riding!


Is the water bottle safe for long-term water storage?
Yes, Ribble water is safe as this bottle is BPA-free.

What percentage boost does the extender battery provide?
It extends the range by 70%.

Is having biking accessories really essential?
Even though your bike will function smoothly without them, it is recommended to have biking accessories as they make your ride a lot smoother and easier. For example, having carriers on your bike makes it easy for you to access your essentials while riding and a GPS is imperative to make sure you don’t get lost.

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