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5 Fantastic Tips to Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Blog

Writing a Blog can be a rewarding and exciting escapade, a side-profession, or even a full-time career to pursue and delight in. You’d only have to look online to discover the many folks who’ve left their full-time jobs behind, only to invest all their time, energy and resources towards this new career. How then do they do it, and be successful enough to at least pay their bills? Well, it all has to do with traffic and the sheer quantum of organic traffic that their blogs attract. This can make all the difference! Now, driving quality organic traffic to your blog isn’t impossible by any stretch. What’s more, we’ll even help you do just that! So let’s get started!

Set SEO to action

There’s no better place to start than with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! In short, this means making your blog easily accessible to search engines and involves on-site SEO and off-site SEO. On-site SEO is primarily concerned with making your blog indexable and crawlable by Google’s bots. Besides this, do also heed advice as regards Tags, Descriptions, URLs and Titles. Off-site SEO, as the title betrays, involves actions taken outside your blog which seek to improve your blog’s ranking in the SERP.

Get the backlink boost

‘Backlinks’ refer to other sites’ recommendations of your own blog to their traffic. This is achieved by adding a link or links to your blog on their site. This is a huge deal, and will definitely see your traffic increase. Now, this works simply because search engines treat this ‘endorsement’ as a vote of confidence, and will assuredly rank your blog higher up in the SERP. All you need to do for this is to ask a reputed site to replace some of their links with your own blog’s links, and you’re on your way!

Social media buzz

Creating a buzz through social media can also be a fantastic way to boost visitors to your blog! Every time you have a new blog post up, you must take the time to post a link on your various social media outlets to promote your new blog post. Now, your friends’ circle on the social media sites can easily access and consume your content. If it’s good enough, even suggest it to their own friends. Your friends and yourself do definitely share common interests and pursuits. Therefore they are most likely to be the right target audience for your blog. This is the key aspect at work here, and this makes them more likely to consume your content and come back for more. As traffic to your blog increases, search engines are likely to look more favorably on your blog, and you are perfectly poised to reap the rewards!

Quality content

Quality content will always win and come on top, when it comes down to it. So devote plenty of time and effort to your blog. It may even help to include content on trending topics related to your blog’s premise, and to include trending keywords as a regular feature as well. Besides, search engines have a particular affection for blogs with regular quality content, and you can use this to your advantage.

The subscription secret

A regular audience is a much vaunted and valued thing in the blogging realm. You could achieve this by allowing your traffic to subscribe to your blog. Before you can say Jack Robinson, you’ve got ‘em hooked! Once subscribed, your new content will hit their inboxes on the daily, and they are more likely to make your blog part of their regular routine.

So there you have it! Do use this post as a starting point, and go ahead and look for info online on exactly how you can put the things we have tabled above into action.


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